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The Coaching Academy Award Winners 2017 - It all began with our 2-day FREE event!


What do all these award winners have in common? They all began their coaching journey by attending our FREE 2-day Foundation in Life Coaching event.

It’s interesting to note that so many people attend our FREE 2-day event initially thinking “What’s the catch?” “There must be a catch” Why is this free?” …… and this group of worthy winners were probably no exception! The difference is, they came along and realised there was no catch, just two days of world class training to help delegates make an informed decision about Coaching and the Coaching Academy.

Following their attendance, they enrolled with The Coaching Academy and became qualified and accredited, never dreaming they would be collecting a prestigious coaching award after they completed their training with us.

So….. this is your opportunity. You too can find out what Coaching is all about by attending our Free Foundation in Life Coaching Course…. and who knows, you too could one day be an Award-Winning Coach.

Come along and find out, there’s no catch we promise. Please click here to find out more

Here are The Coaching Academy Awards Winners: