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Coach in The Spotlight - Sarah Jones

The Coaching Academy Blog

Posted: May 2017

Do you know what got me into coaching? It was having the experience of some great coaching for myself. And also - I must say - some bad coaching!

I didn’t understand what coaching was at all to start with, I was a bit suspicious at first, as I couldn’t quite figure out why this person was asking lots of personal questions, and how it was going to help me. And I recall once being ‘given’ coaching at work and being immediately suspicious about what it was all about as there was very little explanation. Hint: ensure you onboard clients effectively, and clients ensure you are clear on the coaching relationship!

Thankfully there are some great coaches available today and the term ‘coaching’ is widely used however for some people who are unaware - it’s still somewhat of a ‘dark art’. But let me share with you some of the benefits of good coaching and how it’s helped me.

…In fact, helped me so much – I’ve become a coach. Being qualified with The Coaching Academy in the Life Coaching Diploma and the Corporate & Executive Coaching Programme in 2015 and 2016 respectively, I am now at a position of having gained some valuable experience with clients over the years, that I am niching further into a specific field of coaching.

So here we go, I have not covered every aspect but a few aspects of the power of coaching:

The helicopter view

It doesn’t matter how evolved we believe we are – as Einstein said – ‘you cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it’ – and the genius was right. Even if you can take the helicopter view, we often need an objective party to help us find a way forward. Friends and family are not always objective but a good coach will be. I still need someone to do that for me!

Non-judgement and no advice

A good coach will not give you advice as advice always comes from someone’s unique view of the world. Given we are all unique – we all have a different view. This sums it up for me:

“People will not bear it if advice is violently given, even if it is well founded.” – James Ford

I know that I don’t always like being told what to do, because there is no basis for what is right for one person, being right for another.

We need to trust our coach – and if a coach imposes their views and advice does not respect the individual experience of the coachee.

I know that I have had this experience many times – and it’s led me to leaving the coaching relationship. The advice given is often ‘poles apart’ from me as a person.

A sacred listening space

So often we have conversations where one person is interrupting, dismissing, waiting to get their point across. My money is often on the person in the room who is listening. We have two ears and one mouth for a person so use them in that ratio! I truly believe most people want to be listened to, understood, and appreciated. I want to know that my coaching is listening to me, the words I use, how I see the world to reflect what I’m saying and then move me forwards.

I do think the word coaching is misused today. I have encountered people claiming to be coaches when in fact they are consultants.

For example, I was working with someone and actually I wanted a web site but it soon turned out she did not have the technical skills to help me and ‘coaching meant’ I was paying her – only for me to do all the writing and heavy lifting. This was not coaching and was a complete mismatch between what I wanted and she could deliver.

So here’s what coaching has helped me to do…

  1. Leave bad relationships and enhance existing ones
  2. Move me towards a successful freelancing career in corporate affairs
  3. Set up my coaching practice
  4. Work and take travel breaks
  5. Develop entirely improved ways of perceiving interactions with others from a more balanced perspective
  6. Help understand where other people are ‘coming’ from
  7. Bring out my spiritual side which is the basis for I wish to show up in the world
  8. Understand what makes me ‘tick’
  9. Pass qualifications whilst having a full-time job
  10. Set up financial systems and processes that work for me.

...and those are just a few examples...

Life is forever throwing up challenges, and questions, that push us out of our comfort zones, and a good coach will support you through that to find a path that is authentic to you.

Life is not a straight line, and we can never get everything ‘done’ if we want to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Yes, there will be setbacks but these can often be our greatest moments in life.

So, if you want to get on - get coached.

If Sarah's words have inspired you and you feel that Coaching could be a potential full or part time opportunity for you, or if you would just like to know a little more about what Coaching is and how it can benefit you and the lives of others, please contact our Specialist Course Advisor, Jamil on 0208 996 4830 or email: Jamil@the-coaching-academy.com

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