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Developing Your Business Brand and Growing Your Business

Sales and Marketing Workshop

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Apr 20th, 2024
09:30 (UK Time)
11 Spaces left
Session Timings

This course is made up of 1 session, which must be attended in full.

  • Apr 20th, 2024 at 09:30 for 3 Hours, 30 Minutes
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Developing Your Business Brand and Growing Your Business

Sales and Marketing Workshop

Want to get a head start with your branding strategy?


Don’t miss out on the first of our live online 'Business in a Box' Masterclass events with expert brand strategist Aarti Parmar on “The Essential Guide To Building Your Business Brand”.


Join us on the 20th of April 2024, from 09:30 am to 1 pm, for this Branding Workshop.


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Why does branding matter?

Do you want to take your coaching business to the next level? Regardless of whether you are currently using marketing and social media approaches, the answer could lie in your branding.


The Essential Guide to Building Your Business Brand - Masterclass

Your brand can be defined as a combination of experiences, moments, products, services and interactions. It is the impression and feeling someone gets when they look at your website, product or business. Many people think it’s a logo that gives a brand meaning, but it is, in fact, quite the opposite; it is a brand that gives a logo meaning.


As a result of this Masterclass, you will :

  • Look at where you are heading – what you want your brand to achieve
  • The key steps needed to build a successful brand
  • Learn about the 10 key elements that make a brand, a brand
  • See how and why other brands are successful and what we can learn from them to grow our own brand
  • Learn where authentic and meaningful brand messaging comes from and why that is important in a coaching business
  • Learn how to reflect your brand into your communications that align with your business values
  • Understand what is required to unlock your brand potential
  • Know why the progress of your business is determined by the understanding of your brand
  • Take away actionable and practical insights


Meet Your Trainer


Aarti Parmar is a leading brand strategist, coach and designer who educates and empowers businesses to implement brand-led growth mindfully.


She believes that a strong brand has the potential to positively influence all areas of a business, enabling business owners to work from the inside out of their business brand.


Joining our fantastic team of The Coaching Academy's 'Business in a Box' Trainers, Aarti will support you as you grow and develop your coaching business, providing you with tools, templates and training in branding.


Enrol in this workshop and receive the '3 Steps to Branding your Business' BIAB Bonus Pack!