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Coaching Refresher Workshop

Do you need to re-start, re-focus or re-ignite your coaching training? Grab this fantastic opportunity to get back on track with this Coaching Skills Refresher Webinar Series.


Join Merete Langler on Tuesday 19th, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st October at 6pm (each session 120mins).


This event is for existing Coaching Academy students only (non NLP).


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This virtual refresher training with Merete Langler will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to get back on track, re-motivate and re-energise yourself. You will reignite your passion for coaching and all of the benefits this could bring to your future.


This Coaching Refresher Workshop is perfect for you if...


  • Life got in the way of your studies and you haven’t qualified…. yet!
  • You qualified with The Coaching Academy but would value the chance to revisit the important bits.
  • You started your training with The Coaching Academy more than 4 years ago and recognise the need to learn up-to-date coaching practices
  • You are passionate about your on-going Continual Professional Development.


What will you learn?


Leave Merete’ s sessions with...

  • The Cornerstones of Coaching – a reminder of what makes coaching unique and so effective.
  • GROW Mastery – the practicalities of navigating the model, its idiosyncrasies and peccadillos.
  • GOALS! - getting that inspirational, future-focussed and action-orientated outcome.
  • Creating Champions – maximising your clients’ inner power through great questions.
  • Obliterating Obstacles – effectively challenge your clients’ beliefs, assumptions and
  • Perfect Possibilities – generating a range of relevant and exciting ideas to move your clients forward.
  • InspirAction! – know that your clients will leave your sessions massively motivated to taking the actions they have generated.


Three sessions of content-rich, action-packed and hugely entertaining training!

Oct 19th, 2021
26 Spaces left