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Coaching For Behavioural Change Taster Session

In this taster session you will receive valuable tools, techniques and acquire an understanding of how a specialism in Coaching for behaviour change can enhance your Coaching business. Following this session, you will also understand how Behaviour Change training can greatly enhance the performance, wellbeing and outcomes for your clients. This will give you the essential foundations required to build a new type of toolkit which will enable you to unlock the next layer of potential for your clients.


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As well as getting a feel for the content and structure of the full 4 Day Coaching For Behavioural Change programme, you will gain knowledge of how unhelpful habits can be barriers to goal achievement and personal success and how the powerful tools of addictive behaviours coaching can potentially be the missing piece in your coaching tool kit.

We will start with a discussion about what we know about habits and addictive behaviours and why this training will empower your coaching practice and support your clients for greater change in this fast pace modern world.


Some of our key learning points will be:

  • How addictive behaviours manifest
  • What biases and stereotypes exist both for ourselves, in society and in our client’s minds
  • Which of these may hold them back
  • Where and how this coach training can be used
  • Why it is for everyone


If you are close to the end of your life coaching training or you're a qualified coach who wants to build their business with new tools then mastering the art of behavioural change coaching will definitely be for you! Add specialist tools to your repertoire to support your clients achieve success.

Jun 29th, 2021
36 Spaces left