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Niche Coaching Workshop

Wellbeing Coaching

Certified Wellbeing Niche Coach Training One-Day Workshop


For people to succeed and reach their full potential we know it’s important to have good mental health and wellbeing, The coaching training in emotional wellbeing offers tools that can be used to support clients get the most out of life.

In this unique, fun and inspiring workshop we will look at the importance our emotional well being and develop easy techniques to support our clients to take charge of their wellbeing and develop strategies for good self care.

Sharon will guide you through how by paying attention to our emotional well-being when we are feeling stressed and overwhelmed will affect our energy, motivation and drive to make a difference.

This session will leave you feeling positive and energised with some practical tools to keep you and your clients motivated long after the session has completed.


Topics for the day include:


  • Wellbeing Coaching – What is it?
  • Recognising when to signpost on – the boundaries between coaching vs counselling
  • What is Emotional Health
  • Helpful and unhelpful language
  • Tools to support clients manage stress and overload
  • Protective factors to increase resilience
  • Empowering clients to control the controllable
  • Using the WRAP model to support clients to move forward
  • Tools and strategies to move clients to their vision of healthy wellbeing
  • Handouts, worksheets and tools for success


Who Is Your Trainer?


Sharon Lawton is an award winning coach and Head of Training at The Coaching Academy. She has a successful background in delivering conflict management, emotional wellbeing and resilience programmes. Sharon’s training style is empowering and thought-provoking. She has a huge passion for motivation, empowerment and growth and is particularly interested in inspiring people to achieve their full potential.

Sharon is also NHS Mental Health First Aid Trained.

Jun 12th, 2021
21 Spaces left