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CPD Programme

Team and Group Coaching

CPD for Coaches Programme Workshop


This session is part of our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Coaches Programme. This training is aimed towards those wishing to advance their coaching knowledge and therefore you will need to have previously engaged in foundational coach training.


Working in teams is a daily practice in organisations.

Well-functioning teams can return big benefits to morale, strategic thinking, creativity and the organisational bottom line.

Our first experience of teamwork is often through sports at school.

A group of talented people work together to become a high performing team and collaborate to beat another team and win.



Just like in a sports team, business teams need coaching and mentoring to raise the bar, enhance their performance and create high performances for the whole organisation.

Team and group coaching helps organisations bring out more of the talents and strengths of all their employees.


The key purpose of this CPD programme is to enable you to develop your skills in team and group coaching. This training will also give you tools and techniques and give you more confidence in being able to deliver coaching for intact teams or groups of people who have to work together on particular programmes and projects.



Team and group coaching is in huge demand right now, especially helping teams work effectively together remotely and virtually and still achieving high performance.


You will leave the Team and Group Coaching CPD course with:

  • An understanding of the key tools and techniques for use in coaching teams and groups
  • Knowing the key differences between what is a team and what is a group
  • Enhancing your coaching skills going from 1-2-1 personal coaching to working with several people at the same time in a team or group
  • Recognising that teams evolve through different stages of development
  • Understanding what makes a high-performance team
  • Helping groups and teams to set boundaries, ground rules and contracting to help them operate more effectively together by being more accountable for what they do
  • Being able to promote the benefits of team and group coaching so that you can attract more clients and business


This CPD training will be delivered live on Zoom. The training will introduce a variety of theory to consider and also tools which can be used in a team/group coaching session to help you coach teams and groups with confidence and success moving forward.


Ann Skidmore has coached thousands of people in a variety of industries over the last 20 years since she set up her business. She was on the Coaching Academy’s first training programme back in 1999 and she put that training into good use in her then job role as Corporate Human Resources Manager.


Since then she has designed and delivered a variety of programmes for the Coaching Academy and wants to help future TCA coaches enjoy their coaching training and to be the best coaches they can be.


Note: If you have a CPD voucher, please email us at bookings@the-coaching-academy.com to redeem your voucher and save your seat.


This training will be a full-day training session on 18th September.

Session Timings

This course is made up of 2 sessions, which must be attended in full.

  • Sep 18th, 2021 at 09:00 for 210mins
  • Sep 18th, 2021 at 14:00 for 150mins
Sep 18th, 2021
Spaces Available