Train to be a Licensed DISC Trainer

Learn how to deliver DISC training to the business world in a way that simply works. Join DISC master trainer Dave Pill as he guides you through his time-tested delivery format. This programme provides training, powerpoint, materials, exercises for various industries and varied outcome requirements. In addition to this, one to one mentoring with Dave post event is currently included.

If you would like to be considered for this unique opportunity, now is the time to take action - apply now.

Train to be a Licensed DISC Trainer

A message from Dave Pill

I am extremely fortunate to truly love the work I do. I get to meet and work with some incredible people including, a host of coaches in training, qualified coaches, vast numbers of business owners, leaders and managers and their teams. When I think about it, it's not really like going to work which is amazing and something I never imagined I would achieve.

When I look back on my life, I can trace everything I'm doing today to two significant events.

  1. Becoming a DISC trainer and recognised expert in the field of DISC psychometrics
  2. Attending The Coaching Academy training to become a professional coach

This next paragraph is one I write with some hesitation as I am going to share with you, information regarding my income. I hesitate as I know for some people this can be seen as boastful however, those who know me well, will understand that the intention here is to give some clarity around this subject.

In my first year as a DISC trainer (many years ago) on a part time basis, I earned in excess of £70,000 through DISC group training and DISC product sales. Later in life, I added coaching to my skillset which not only added to my income but also became a strong source of DISC clients.

In the time between now and then, I have trained thousands of people to become DISC practitioners and I can say with some certainty, on every single course I have delivered, someone usually asks if I would consider teaching them how to do exactly what I do - delivering DISC training.

With these requests in mind, I decided (from time to time) to run a DISC Licensed Trainer Programme with The Coaching Academy to enable a select few to embark on a journey that for many could be life changing. I will be training a small, select group of people to deliver the same DISC training day I deliver. The great news is, this training can with be adapted to virtually ANY industry and can be tailored to fit ANY time frame whether it is an hour, half day, whole day or even a week!

I will help successful applicants acquire the knowledge it has taken me decades to amass and share the Intellectual Property I use to deliver memorable and effective DISC training to any size group.

If you have questions and would initially like to talk things through with me please go to the apply now page to express your interest.

Please note: Only individuals that have been trained in DISC by myself, Kris Robertson or Sarah Urquhart, will receive this communication and would be considered for a place on the programme.

Course content

During THE 3 DAY Programme

I will share with you more content than is possible to put on a web page but here is a sample of what's included:

  • THREE full days of training led entirely by Dave Pill throughout.
  • Everything you need to know to take your business to another level financially and short-term to help you get a return on your investment as quickly as possible.
  • The bottom line here is... I will hold nothing back and will share their time-tested, proven strategy which works time and time again.

I will both work hard for you and with you to help get the return on your investment you deserve - Please remember, you will need to work at this too.

Return on Investment

Fees you can build up to:

DISC Corporate Training Day Example

  • Full day rate - £3,000 +vat
  • Half day - £1,600 +vat
  • Corporate coaching rate - £3,000 per day

ROI - In Less Than 2 Days

What you may wish to start with:

  • Full day rate - workshop £1,200 +vat
  • Half day - £750 +vat
  • Corporate coaching rate - £1,000 +vat per day

ROI - In 4 days

You will also receive:

  1. A comprehensive training manual jam-packed full of all the training materials you will need
  2. Hard copies of materials plus editable documents all loaded to your very own memory stick
  3. The DISC training powerpoint presentations I use - with lesson notes for each slide - this powerpoint will be white labeled and ready for your personal branding
  4. Workshop variation plans - from a 1 hour session to a whole day and more for both small and large groups
  5. My DISC exercises and handouts for groups, teams and niched groups - white labeled and for your personal branding
  6. Proposal templates, contract templates, pricing options and more all white labeled and editable for ease of use
  7. Lots of training and presentation practice with the DISC powerpoint to hone your skills - I will guide and support you though this to ensure you are happy, comfortable and ready to go and present DISC training in YOUR style. If you feel a little nervous speaking in front of small groups, I will help you develop your confidence and skills in an extremely safe and supportive environment
  8. Preferential purchasing rates for the online profiling system, enabling you to re-sell DISC profiles at a profit
  9. The Coaching Academy's DISC Licensed Trainer emblem to display on your website to tell the world you are DISC trained and ready to make a positive and lasting difference to those you work with.

Remember - This is just a sample!

To express an interest in enrolling on the DISC Licensed Trainer Programme, please go to the apply now page.

Who Should Apply

If you are passionate about DISC personality profiling and would like me to teach you how to deliver DISC training days as I do (but in your style), then this opportunity is for you.

I would like to invite those of you who have or want to develop the experience and/or the confidence to stand at the front of the room as a trainer, to apply for one of the few places on our exclusive Licensed DISC Trainer programme.

This programme is geared towards action orientated individuals who have a drive to succeed.

This opportunity is not for everyone.

Being selected for this Programme, from my perspective, is not about affordability, it is absolutely about suitability.

I am only looking to work with a small, very select group of people. People that have the passion to be the best DISC trainers they can possibly be, people who want to make a positive and lasting difference to others, people that The Coaching Academy and I will be proud to have representing DISC.

Telephone Interviews

I need to ensure this programme is right for you and that you are right for this programme - this is why I will speak to each and every applicant. It's also the opportunity for you to ask me any questions you have about the programme too.


Should you be accepted on to the programme, the enrolment fee is £5,200 + VAT, but until the 15th of February we are offering the programme at an early bird rate of only £4,800 + VAT.

Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, on-line banking, BACS transfers.

Payment plans - Interest free payment plans are available upon request.

Return on Investment

Fees you can build up to:

DISC Corporate Training Day Example

  • Full day rate - £3,000 +vat
  • Half day - £1,600 +vat
  • Corporate coaching rate - £3,000 per day

ROI - In Less Than 2 Days

What you may wish to start with:

  • Full day rate - workshop £1,200 +vat
  • Half day - £750 +vat
  • Corporate coaching rate - £1,000 +vat per day

ROI - In 4 days

Course Dates

From past experience, I've decided to spread the dates out over two sessions as follows:

Saturday 7th March 2020
Sunday 8th March 2020

There will then be a space to practice your delivery of the content.

Saturday 28th March 2020

3 days in total.


I will be hosting the event in central London at:

The De Vere West One
9-10 Portland Place

Lunch on each day will be included as will free teas, coffee throughout the days.

Apply Now

If you would like to be considered for this unique opportunity, please complete the expression of interest form below in order to progress your application to the next stage, which will be a one to one phone call with me to answer any further questions you may have and to ensure this programme is right for you.

Although I have trained many individuals in DISC, I am only looking for a very small select group to become DISC Licensed Trainers.

We are very excited about the content and material that we are going to share with you because I know the difference it will make to you.

I will personally look at each and every expression of interest and we welcome the opportunity to do so. I am looking for action orientated, 'DO IT' people so please keep that in mind.

Your details

Please give two dates and times between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday and we will come back to you with a confirmed date/time that is mutually convenient.

Additional details

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