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Level 2 : DISC Accreditation Workshop

Level 2 : DISC Accreditation Workshop

If you have completed the DISC Certification or Introduction to DISC Workshop, this is your chance to unlock the secrets within the DISC Graphs. Join the DISC Master Trainer Dave Pill as he shares the knowledge he has acquired during two decades as a DISC expert.

It's a workshop packed with even more DISC information:

  • Re-visit the basics of DISC and the behavioural model
  • Gain further understanding of the 4 basic DISC styles
  • Understand how the 4 DISC styles act and interact.

We will:

  • Explore and translate the 3 Graphs
  • Understand the graphs and be able to give your client feedback without reading the full report text
  • Recognise and understand any differences between 3 graphs and explore the possible reasons for this
  • Understanding of the special patterns that often occur within the graphs, know what this means and how to approach this with a client
  • Practice report 'feedback' in a workshop environment
  • Employ your coaching skills using DISC
  • At the end of the workshop, there will be a test to ensure you have absorbed the information on the workshop and have an appropriate understanding of DISC.
22nd, 24th April
Live Online
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