Customer Focus

On the customer focus live training you will think about the relationship the small business has with its customers.

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Live Training Accelerator Session

On the customer focus live training you will think about the relationship the small business has with its customers. A key early lesson is the need to firmly establish in the clientís mind exactly who their customer is and this comes from a clear understanding of where they position themselves as a business. The 4Mat system is introduced as a useful tool in this context.

The customer focus module explores ways to help your clients identify their ideal customer. It can be a powerful realisation for small business owners that successfully target their efforts towards a small proportion of their customers which can have a disproportionate effect on sales and profits.

You will consider how the correct positioning for your clients supports them in their marketing activities and will discuss different ways of marketing and selling to customers, alongside the importance of being flexible in the sales process. An interesting part is exploring the impact that our beliefs can have on our ability to sell and how you can assist your clients in adopting the empowering beliefs of successful sales people.

The module also looks at pricing policies in conjunction with sales and builds on customer retention and account management theory.

The customer focus module covers the following topics:

  • Aligning the sales and marketing vision
  • The customer sales journey and the sales process
  • Cross-selling, pricing and maximising every sales opportunity
  • Selling to different customers types in the most impactful way
  • Marketing to hit a customerís hot buttons
  • Establishing a marketing strategy
  • Clarity around the market, the competition and the customer
  • Measuring the success of the marketing activity
  • Customer profiling and the identification of profitable customer types
  • The industry maturity curve
  • Positioning the small business in relation to the competition using the 4Mat system
  • Customer account management
  • Selling in the way the customer wants to buy
  • Communication and sensory preference to identify customer types
  • Customer service, complain handling and managing conflict using empowering language

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