Part 2 - 9 Sessions

Part 2 - The NLP Practitioner Programme is designed to help yourself and your clients to develop a user manual for your brain. If you want to master the art of effective communication and building rapport; either to extend you own knowledge or to use the experience within a coaching environment, then the NLP Practitioner Programme is for you.

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Live Training Accelerator Session

Day 4 : Ann Skidmore

A coach will often hear from a client that options for the way forward are very limited. People can feel stuck in position, as if no improvement is possible. It is the coach's role to get the client into a different frame of mind, and thinking laterally about what the options for progress might be. During the 'Generating Endless Possibilities' day you will consider ways of generating new possibilities with your client so that they never need feel stuck again!

The idea of breaking options down into manageable chunks is a great place to start. You will learn other ways to get the client thinking differently and more creatively about the potential ways to progress. What challenges do they face? What barriers of thought and behaviour are in the way? We all have bad habits and you will be taught a brilliant quick-fix tool with which you can break them.

And many of us have set patterns of thought and action, that don't get us where we want but which we find ourselves experiencing time and again. During this training day you will learn to experience your thoughts in a totally different way. Is your client in a situation where a particular issue triggers a pattern of anger, sadness, stress or helplessness? It is possible to break out of that pattern and increase the harmony in your life.

By learning to think differently about the situation, by refusing to slip into damaging and restrictive patterns, you can overcome all kinds of challenges and blocks. This is incredibly useful when working with a client with a specific mental block that is stopping them getting to the desired goal - a writer with writer's block being a good example!

Introducing new NLP tools and techniques

  • Unwiring synethesias
  • Submodalities
  • Swish
  • Presuppositions of NLP

Day 5 : Sarah Urquhart

Many clients find themselves making the same mistakes over and over again. All of us can find the past difficult to shake off sometimes, and that makes it very difficult to move forwards as effectively as we could.

How useful would it be to be able to manage time, allowing you to organise memories and goals and plans in such a way that the past doesn't drag you back any more? Using techniques you will develop on this course you never need feel under-resourced to face the future again. Instead you will be able to move on with determination and confidence.

Clients can learn new ways of behaving and thinking. As a coach you can instill new ways of thinking into the client's head, so that they learn to behave differently without having to discipline themselves to do so. Defeating these obstacles can be a really powerful change in the life of the client, giving them huge new momentum for the future and a sense of freedom as they set out on their new path forward.

'NLP is a fantastic string to add to your coaching bow,' says Kris Robertson, who is responsible for mentoring The Coaching Academy's student coaches. 'It will maximise your coaching skills, ensuring you really are talking the same language as your client. NLP can be a wonderful resource in helping you to establish the client's motivation behind taking action, think of more options and develop more powerful goals.'

Introducing new NLP tools and techniques

  • Anchoring
  • Fast Phobia Cure
  • New behaviour generator

Day 6 : Sarah Urquhart

By spending a whole day examining the role of beliefs in effective coaching we rightly place this at the heart of the client experience and the change we as coaches are trying to enable. There are a multitude of possible uses in a coaching context for instance, many people live with a range of phobias, a 'belief' that can be challenged and changed using methods taught on this course.

To get the maximum benefit from this Accelerator Day, we recommend that you attend 'Change Interaction' before 'Challenging Beliefs'.

The entire day will be spent on exercises to help clients to examine and change their beliefs. Their own behaviour will have a huge impact on their resourcefulness for facing life's challenges. At the end of this fascinating and rewarding day you will be able to change the way you view the past. Working with clients to do the same opens up the future to them. No longer need past beliefs have a negative effect on the present and the future.

All six live training days on the NLP Practitioner Qualification will have real impact on you as a student, and certainly on any clients you go on to work with after you have qualified as a coach. Over the course of the six days of live training and the supported coaching practice sessions that lie at the heart of The Coaching Academy's training model, you will be taught tools and techniques and methods for supporting your clients, setting powerful goals that support the client's values and move them forward with energy and vigour, old doubts and challenges overcome. Crucially you will have learnt about the need to coach in a way in which every word has a purpose, and the central place a sophisticated use of language has in NLP Coaching.

Introducing new NLP tools and techniques

  • Neurological levels
  • The museum of old beliefs
  • Change personal history
  • Timelines

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