Values and Beliefs

This live training takes you on a journey of discovering the complex nature of the belief system.

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Live Training Accelerator Session

This live training takes you on a journey of discovering the complex nature of the belief system. .

Firstly you will work on defining values and beliefs, and get to grips with the significant role they play in forming a client’s mindset. A crucial step is to think about aligning your goal setting with a client’s values: unless the client has bought into the process from the start, the goal is unlikely to be achieved.

Of course in any coaching conversation, both the client and the coach have values and beliefs. They will form a key role in your coaching relationships. This Accelerator looks at the importance of values and at the role of beliefs as you develop your coaching experience.

The identification of limiting beliefs is often one of the most powerful experiences for new coaches taking our Personal Performance diploma course. What limiting beliefs are holding you back as a coach? Overcoming your own limiting beliefs can be a necessary first step in enabling your client to do the same. You will consider this fascinating subject, and be enabled to move on with confidence.

As you progress and expand your coaching experience the knowledge that you have left limiting beliefs behind will give you the confidence to help clients do the same. A crucial aspect of the “Values and Beliefs” training is the growing sense of your own confidence to deliver real change both for yourself and for those you are coaching.

Values and Beliefs covers the following topics:

  • Definitions of values and beliefs
  • Alignment of values and goals
  • Importance of values- coach and client
  • Role of beliefs – coach and client
  • Identifying limiting beliefs- coach and client
  • Overcoming limiting belief- coach and client
  • Building confidence - coach and client

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