Financial Coaching

Money; like it or loath it, itís in your life. The issue of finances affects all aspects of people's lives; including their relationships, their careers and their health.

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Live Training Accelerator Session

CPD for Coaches Programme Workshop

This session is part of our Continual Professional Development (CPD) for Coaches Programme. The session is only suitable for qualified or nearly qualified coaches.

Money; like it or loath it, it's in your life. The issue of finances affects all aspects of peopleís lives; including their relationships, their careers and their health. Attend this non-finance-based coach training session to learn loads of fantastic exercises to do with your clients to help them master their beliefs and their attitudes to money.

Finances, or the lack of them, will have a major impact upon the goals that your clients set for themselves and may often be an unspoken barrier to them creating the life they really want to live.

Most people say that they want to achieve financial independence, but lack the know-how and confidence to work out how much that would be and how they might achieve it. Learn non-threatening ways to help your clients get a realistic financial plan in place to facilitate their other goals in their lives.

This session is run by Sarah Urquhart, who has developed her interest in money matters over many years. Sheís not an accountant or financial advisor, but instead looks at the emotional side of money and enables her clients to look into their financial mirrors, uncover the beliefs driving behaviours that are creating financial shortage for them and discover new ways that they can create financial abundance.

  • Developing FQ - You've heard of IQ and EQ, now help your clients develop their FQ (Financial Intelligence)
  • Establishing financial priorities
  • Uncovering financial obstacles
  • Getting to know your financial personality
  • The emotional side of money
  • Getting to the bottom of unhelpful financial beliefs and creating beliefs that will empower your clients' financial futures
  • Using the power of positive thoughts and language to create financial goals
  • Bringing your clientsí financial hearts, minds and souls together
  • Creating easy financial plans

If you are an existing student and wish to book your place on this accelerator training, please refer to your online learning platform.

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