Parent Coaching

Parenting can be tough, even on good days, but it's arguably the most important role you will ever have.

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Live Training Accelerator Session

Parenting can be tough, even on good days, but it's arguably the most important role you will ever have. The Parent Coaching live training day is a truly worthwhile Accelerator Day that can benefit you on two levels - helping you to improve your parenting skills and enabling you to help your clients to improve theirs. You'll learn practical tools to use when coaching children as well as ways to improve relationships between the parent and child.

  • Be passionate about parent coaching
    You'll see what rewarding outcomes can be achieved when working with parents and the results that you can achieve by using effective coaching methods. If parent coaching is something you're already interested in, then this Accelerator Day will give you the drive to turn your interest into your passion!
  • Know that confident parents create children who 'can'
    You will be given the practical tools to boost confidence in children so they are ready for the challenges that lie ahead, taking you towards a full understanding of the positive impact coaching can have on children and parents, individuals and families- and that being a parent really is the most rewarding and challenging job we will ever do in our lives.
  • Parent coaching markets
    This module will cover the key reasons why people use a Parent Coach - both with private and corporate clients. You'll have an awareness of the differences in parent coaching and the potentially diverse markets you can reach in your work.
  • Parent coaching workshops
    You will finish this module with a bag full of creative ideas and exercises to use at your own Parent Coaching Workshops. You will also have great ideas on how to market those workshops to generate well-paid business in the area you love.

Not only will you be passionate about coaching parents, you'll also have a clearer picture how to generate great business from this - and if you're a parent already, earning a living from something you already have experience of.

If you are an existing student and wish to book your place on this accelerator training, please refer to your online learning platform.

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