Virtual Introduction to Harmonizing Coaching with Dawn Breslin

Virtual Introduction to Harmonizing Coaching with Dawn Breslin

Are you looking to add new skills to your coaching business? Would you like discover a new growing niche?

If so, then join Dawn Breslin from 10am-2:00pm on the 21st November 2020 for this online workshop.

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What is Harmonizing Coaching?

Harmonizing Coaching is an emerging niche that bridges the gap between coaching and counselling. This style of coaching addresses the growing health concerns of stress, anxiety, depression and burn-out that are affecting people all over the world.

Come & Learn the Alignment Coaching Process:

This online workshop will give you a chance to experience a selection of the tools and techniques which can then be applied to your coaching clients as well as your own life!

The training will cover:

  • The principles of The nature based Harmonizing Philosophy for wellbeing
  • Tools to transition from mind based goals to heart centred goals
  • Insight into how you can use Harmonizing Coaching to deepen your experience with clients suffering from low confidence, energy depletion and stress.
  • How to build deep self-kindness and self-compassion
  • Techniques to increase energy and vitality
  • Ways to promote mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual healing
  • A method to connect deeply with your authentic needs and desires
  • Insight on how you can attract more clients using these tools

If you or your clients are experiences fatigue, burn out, anxiety or depression this growing coaching niche and the techniques covered in this workshop will allow you to find a new way to coach them through this period of re-alignment.

Takeaways from the training:

Harmonizing Coaching and its unique techniques has been crafted to easily integrate into your coaching business. It will add creative and inspiring tools to your existing coaching tool kit and an exciting new profitable income stream into your business.

You will:

  • Experience world class training from an industry leader
  • Gain insight into the growing need for Emotional Wellbeing Coaching, and the tools and methods we teach to enable you to build a career at the forefront of this rapidly expanding market.
  • Discover how you can grow personally from this training
  • Learn how to build the skills you need to make lasting change on your clients
  • Learn how to align with Soul purpose


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21st November

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