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Introduction to NLP Day Taster Day - Sarah Urquhart

Introduction to NLP Day Taster Day - Sarah Urquhart

Heard of NLP but not sure whether it could be useful for you? Want to know the practical secrets of how to use NLP techniques to benefit your life and accelerate your personal success?

Join Sarah Urquhart on the 13th of April at Holiday Inn, Kensington, London

This day is NOT for TCA NLP Practitioner Programme students.

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97.00 + VAT

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When : Saturday, 13th April 2019

Where : Holiday Inn, Kensington, London

Price : Usually 97 +vat, only 47 +vat - Save 50 +vat

Many people believe that there is more and better waiting for them but they may not know how to get it. Sometimes unconscious patterns of emotion, thought and behaviour can get in the way of personal success and this is where NLP comes in.

By the end of this jam-packed day, you will understand how NLP techniques can accelerate your personal development and positively impact the lives of yourself and others.

NLP contains the most accessible, positive and useful aspects of modern psychology and offers a truly powerful way to create goals for yourself and achieve these goals faster and with more ease.

Applying the art and science of NLP gives you greater control over your ability to be at your best more often. It allows you to increase your choices over how and what you and others think, feel and do, leading to better communication, better decisions and better outcomes.

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