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NLP for Business - Executive & Management Level

This programme teaches the application of the art and science of NLP, allowing delegates to increase their choices over how and what they and others think, feel and do.

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This training day will cover applying the 3 guiding principles of NLP - Outcome, Awareness and Flexibility.

Outline Programme:

  • What motivates people and how to use that when you are aiming to achieve your outcome
  • What barriers might you encounter when trying to influence people and how to address them to reduce any potential impact
  • Increasing your awareness so that you notice how your communication is being received by others and being able to predict behaviours so that you can build relationships - quickly and effectively addressing concerns
  • Developing the flexibility of your approach so that you can appeal to what's important to others
  • Using your language in a persuasive way that also meets others' needs so that you influence without manipulating and the outcome is a win for everyone concerned


By the end of the training, attendees will be able to use NLP for their personal and business development. For example, knowing the skills you want people to focus on to achieve your outcomes, and ensuring the environment you create for your employees and customers supports the behaviours you need them to demonstrate.

The principles and tools gained from this programme will lead to better performance, communication, better decisions and better outcomes.

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