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Leadership Development Programme

Our Leadership Development Programme is challenging and interactive - it is designed to enhance understanding of why the programme skills and development are important for managers/leaders and to give them the tools to put the skills into action.

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This programme is modularised into 6 modules usually delivered as 6 days in total over a 6 month timescale, and run alongside six months of coaching sessions - but this can be tailored to your requirements. The leadership programme is kick-started with one-to-one coaching sessions of one hour per delegate and the complete programme is run over six months.

This powerful workshop will harness and enhance existing management and leadership skills within the senior leadership team. It is designed to ensure that delegates understand their role as dynamic managers whose role is to engage and manage their teams to deliver exceptional services, both internally and externally.

Module 1: Managing yourself

  • Key themes from the coaching sessions identified
  • Enable each delegate to identify what they most want to gain out of the 6 month leadership programme
  • Identify the key principles of the programme - e.g. each person contributing, making it valuable and practical
  • How action learning works in sharing challenges and peer coaching to achieve effective solutions and outcomes

Module 2: Managing & leading your department and team

  • Reviewing progress so far
  • Key management and leadership skills
  • Styles and models of leadership and management and how to use these to build high performing teams
  • Managing performance
  • What's your management or leadership challenge? How would you present it?
  • Action learning - bringing your leadership challenge and getting peer coaching
  • Be able to develop communication skills to become a master of communication

Module 3: Managing and leading change

  • Quick review and recap successes & challenges since Module 2
  • Dynamics of change and its impact on people
  • Building change resilience in your team
  • Leading and motivating people through change
  • Setting successful outcomes
  • Action learning - how to implement what you have learnt

Module 4: Managing your communications

  • Quick review/recap on progress - successes/challenges since module 3
  • Tools and tips from NLP (neurolinguistic programming) for effective communication
  • Managing conflict effectively and positively
  • Facilitating positive outcomes
  • Building consensus and gaining co-operation
  • Action learning sets

Module 5: Putting it all together - Impact & Presence

  • Quick review/recap on progress - successes/challenges since Module 4
  • Effective persuasive and presentation techniques
  • Having difficult conversations with confidence
  • Presenting back the experience - the 'so what'
  • Action learning sets

Module 6: Planning ahead

The final module reviews the entire process - what has been learnt/gained and what is to be put into action for the year ahead and beyond.

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