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Bespoke In-House Coach Training Solutions

Training is only as good as the result it gives you. This is why your people, coupled with commercial awareness is always at the centre of our assignments.

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We provide wide-ranging measurable results through interactive training sessions and seminars that are customised, cutting edge and designed in collaboration with you to meet the unique needs of your organisation and team.

We work with organisations to deliver bespoke in-house accredited coach training. Our solutions will help your organisation adopt a coaching culture to improve key areas such as productivity, communication, motivation and team-work.

Our coach training solutions can be delivered at an introduction, intermediate or advanced level, and include accreditation options for delegates if required.

Examples of our Coaching Training Programmes:-

Our 3 most popular training programmes include:-

  • Coaching Fundamentals (1 Day Workshop)
  • Manager as a Coach (2 Day Workshop)
  • Certificate/Diploma in Performance Coaching (4 Day Programme)

Outline Programme - Coaching Skills Workshop

This live training day covering the fundamental coaching skills is The Coaching Academy's most popular workshop in its portfolio. Great for staff of all levels as a introduction to or as a refresher of the essential coaching competencies.

Previous clients have used this introduction day as a standalone workshop, phase one of a two or three step coach-training programme and as part of an application and selection process to help determine which members of staff wish to proceed as part of an internal coach training solution.

Programme Topics

  • Fundamental Coaching Principles
  • Beginning with the End in Mind
  • The Coaching Model of Excellence
  • Challenging Thinking

Training Outcomes

By the end of this day, you will;

  • Understand the definition of coaching and how it differs from other interventions
  • Understand effective goal setting techniques and how to use 'The Goal Wheel'
  • Understand the foundations and practicalities of the GROW model
  • Have observed a coaching demonstration
  • Have practiced the basic coaching skills.

Overall Programme Objectives

  • To provide an introduction to the coaching philosophy and process.
  • To inspire people in recognising the value and benefit of coaching skills within an organisation - both for individuals and teams.

Outline Programme - Manager as Coach

This 2 day workshop builds upon the foundations covered in the Coaching Fundamentals day delivering more intermediate and advanced level coaching skills concerning the practical application of the coaching process.

An excellent option for clients who would like their staff to gain a level of competence to be able to effectively use coaching within their role, but do not have a requirement for the fully accredited coaching Diploma.

Day One Programme Topics

  • Live Coaching Demo
  • Well-formed outcome
  • The Psychology of Motivation
  • The Goal Setting Process
  • Exploring perceptions and barriers

Day One Outcomes:

By the end of Day 1, you will;

  • Have experienced being coached as an individual within a group
  • Understand how to more effectively enable coachees to set goals
  • Understand how to ensure the client is motivated to move forward.
  • Understand how to help challenge the client's 'story of their world'
  • Understand how to develop a client's Reality and create a resourceful state.
  • Have practiced the intermediate coaching skills.

Day Two Programme Topics

  • Reflective questioning
  • Developing endless possibilities
  • Establishing a clear and specific action plan
  • Obtaining levels of commitment and motivation.
  • The Coaching Review Circle.

Day Two Outcomes:

By the end of Day 2, you will;

  • Understand how to help coachees generate a wide variety of ideas
  • Understand how to turn ideas into actions.
  • Understand how to maximise the likelihood of both action and success.
  • Understand how to run a review session.
  • Have practiced the intermediate coaching skills.

Overall Programme Objectives

  • To provide the key competencies required to run an effective coaching session.
  • To inspire people in recognising the value and benefit of coaching skills within an organisation - both for individuals and teams.

Outline Programme - Certificate/Diploma in Performance Coaching

Should you value the opportunity for an Individual or Team to gain certification and access to support and supervision following the Manager as a Coach programme to embed the learning and measure its success, we offer a Certificate of Competence in which we'd provide training materials, access to the Webinars and Members' Area - learners would each complete 1 assessed coaching observation.

Alternatively many organisations opt for the full Diploma in Performance Coaching (with opportunities to gain an ICF [International Coach Federation] Approved Qualification and/or a Level 5 Diploma). This would include 4 additional days of live training following the previous 3 days of training outlined above PLUS the current assessment requirements.

The 4 additional days of live training cover the following:

Programme Topics

  • Eliciting personal and organisational values and challenging beliefs
  • Creating and Empowering the Coaching Relationship
  • Managing Boundaries and Establishing the Coaching Agreement
  • Introduction to DISC Personality Profiling.

The content covered and qualification requirements are detailed here -

All of our training solutions are delivered by some of the UK's leading corporate coaches and trainers. Our team has experience in abundance and our content has been designed to ensure delegates leave the room armed with new-found knowledge, purpose and enthusiasm.

We deliver remarkable results that are highly practical and commercially viable. The figures speak for themselves with 98% of attendees on our training days rating the experience as above average or excellent.

We would be delighted to discuss your requirements and arrange a free consultation so we can help you select the right solution for your organisation.

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