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Mentoring and Supervision

Over and above the Coaching and Training products/services offered by The Coaching Academy's Business Solutions Division, we know from experience, the value and benefit of the additional support that we can offer learners as part of their coaching and training journey.

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To that end we offer a bespoke Mentoring/Supervision service, providing professional mentoring and supervision to those attending training programmes or working in a coaching capacity, to positively impact on embedding and assimilating the learning as well as providing an enormously valuable professional sounding board.

Whilst embarking on a training programme or working as a professional coach within a business or organisation, it's useful for a learner to be able to speak to an experienced professional in a mentoring/supervisory capacity.

Helping them:-

  • Reflect on their learning
  • Experience a safe and confidential space to offload and unpack
  • Discuss potential challenges
  • Celebrate successes
  • Ask any questions
  • Explore possible obstacles/barriers
  • Gain new levels of self-awareness

We would be delighted to discuss your requirements and arrange a free consultation so we can help you select the right solution for your organisation.

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