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Business Solutions

From The Coaching Academy

Established in 1999, The Coaching Academy is now the largest coach training organisation of its kind in the world. In response to market demand, our Business Solutions Division was formed offering coaching, training and business consultancy services to both private and public sector businesses and organisations.

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Case Studies

We’re proud of the fantastic feedback we receive from our clients who praise the quality of training, the professionalism of our approach and the impact that Coaching and DISC have on the communication within their organisation.

Manpower Group

We’re proud of the fantastic feedback we receive from our clients who praise the quality of training, the professionalism of our approach and the impact that Coaching and DISC have on the communication within their organisation.

The identified needs and key objectives were to:

  • Conduct a benchmarking exercise of the top sales performers throughout Europe using ‘DISC’ Psychometric Profiling
  • Devise a strategy to replicate top performers
  • Help implement a standard operating procedure for team recruitment
  • Improve group sales team retention
  • Conduct a DISC training plan for the European group


  • Benchmarking exercise conducted
  • Our DISC profiles are available in several European languages which enhanced the accuracy of the outcome when profiling the top ten percentile of the organisation.

  • Top performing team member profiles identified
  • Once the results of the benchmarking exercise had been thoroughly analysed, we were able to identify specific DISC characteristics of the top performers, devising a strategy to reproduce performance excellence within the greater team.

  • Recruitment strategy implemented
  • Our DISC online system allowed us to filter certain DISC characteristics during the recruitment phase – refining and strengthening the interview process. The direct result of implementing this strategy was the recruitment of a high performing sales team.

  • Team Retention strategy
  • Part of the strategy to retain existing and new high performing team members was to help managers modify their communication style to manage their team. The ‘modify to manage’ process was an integral part of the DISC training process. Team retention within the group significantly improved during the following 24 months.

  • DISC Training
  • Part of developing a stronger culture saw the inclusion of bespoke DISC training for the European group to ensure a working knowledge of DISC was present and how to apply this learning. Training was appropriately adapted to the varying levels present within the organisation such as Directors, Managers and team members alike.


LexisNexis offers world-class content, information analytics and workflow solutions for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic markets – to make their jobs faster, easier and more productive.

The Coaching Academy worked with Lexis Nexis to implement and deliver performance coaching workshops.

The identified needs and key objectives were to:

  • Provide and implement models for coaching interventions for leaders and managers to use, including “corridor coaching” (5 - 10 minutes high impact conversations), to maximize the effectiveness of coaching. This allowed staff to take greater responsibility for their actions
  • To establish coaching as a work style and culture, not as an isolated activity
  • To expand the specific skillset of leaders and managers to deliver coaching that makes a sustainable difference to staff motivation and development a times of change
  • To reposition coaching as an effective, time efficient way to promote excellent performance in order to maximize the individual’s contributions, particularly in the area of innovation
  • To develop further clarity about the role of the manager as a coach
  • To add coaching to an ever expanding portfolio of skills required to achieve a competitive advantage


  • Leadership teams armed with the tools needed to create a positive work environment
  • A significant impact on participants’ performance at work


TheCoaching Academy worked with Ingeus, delivering a series of coach training workshops to a number of its Operations Managers and Advisors as part of their continuous improvement policy and in line with their PersonalDevelopment Reviews (PDR).

  • Our objectives were to deliver 4 Coach Training Workshops across 5 UK-based offices to c40 Deputy Operations Managers and HR professionals.
  • Ingeus planned to use the coaching skills as part of an on-going culture change within the organisation. Working towards a much more collaborative team where feedback is evidence-based and strength-centred and individuals ask questions of each other rather than impose agenda.
  • The coaching tools would also be used by Managers to coach their teams as part of their PDRs and to empower their teams to increase performance during a period of change.
  • The coaching skills further equipped the managers with strategies to help staff manage their expectations during a period in which jobs were at risk whilst government contracts were being negotiated.
  • The Coaching Academy then delivered the fundamental coaching skills and models to c40 Advisors over 4 locations across the UK.
  • Ingeus planned to increase the skillset of the Advisors to ensure that the coaching principles could impact on the Company’s Clients as part of their strategy to reduce unemployment in the UK.
  • Due to ongoing success, Ingeus subsequently invested in 7 of their Management Team, putting them through The Coaching Academy’s accredited Corporate & Executive Coach Training Programme.