When was the last time you celebrated your achievement? Whether they're academic, personal or career-based, it's important to acknowledge your success. Marking your achievement has many benefits, including that it fixes your success in your mind and encourages you to continue to go after our goals.

When you choose to speak up for and rejoice in your achievements and successes you re-enforcing your worth and building your confidence. It demonstrates to yourself, and others, that you are resilient, capable and deserving of celebration – which we all are! 

So, instead of shying away from your success, share it with yourself and others by celebrating your achievements. 

How to celebrate your achievements:

1. Write a success journal 

Keeping a journal is an effective way to boost your wellbeing and decompress from the day. You can choose to add a ‘success section’ to your current journal or keep it separate, either way, every day or week start listing everything you’ve achieved. Acknowledge the successes you’ve met and the steps you’ve taken towards your goals. 

2. Treat yourself 

What’s is something that makes you feel special? Maybe it’s fresh flowers, a new book, or even a holiday. Regardless, when you’ve reached a milestone you can celebrate by treating yourself to something that makes you feel special. Remember to make sure your treat is compatible with your goal, for example, if your goal is to save money, an overly expensive treat should be avoided – this way you’ll be able to celebrate and stay motived towards your goals. 

3. Share it with others

People who care about you will enjoy basking in your achievement with you. As sharing your success with others can be motivating for them and gives you all a chance to come together in celebration! So, share your achievement with others, and encourage them to share their achievements with you. 

4. Nominate yourself 

Big milestones, like setting up your own business and gaining recognition for your work, are achievements that can be recognised by your industry. So, nominate yourself for industry accolades, like our International Coaching Awards and celebrate the contribution you make in a field that you’re passionate about. 

Express your appreciation of your successes and share these openly with others. As, when you document your achievements and share your success, you inspire others to strive for and achieve their best.



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