DISC is a popular tool to help enhance communication and better understand people.

In this two-part series, I am outlining each DISC leadership style and where they might struggle as leaders.

The first part of this series covered the D & I style, and below I will provide a snapshot of S & C:

Where do S-Style Leaders Struggle?

Unlike D and I style leaders, leaders with an S personality can prefer not to take too many risks and are hesitant to make big changes. They tend to approach tasks the same way every time based upon past successes and have a “if it’s not broken, why fix it?” mentality. This can become a problem, when it comes to innovating and adapting—If a company is looking for a leader to come in and make sweeping changes, an S personality could well struggle with that mission.

Individuals with a high S personality type can have trouble with direct confrontation and are naturally hesitant to give negative feedback as they may be sensitive to the feelings of others. This is an impulse that they have to consciously recognise to overcome where appropriate. The S styles are often at their best when partnered with others with a more direct style.

Always remember though, even though they are often kind and thoughtful, do not mistake kindness for weakness as they can be very strong to the point of being stubborn.

Where do C-Style Leaders Struggle?

C style leaders like to be organised, analytical and detail oriented. Because they can be hyper-focused on data and tasks, they can often forget about the human element involved in the job—They don’t typically do well with ‘people problems’ and have little interest in managing interpersonal conflicts unless they turn it into a task. As a result, C personalities run the risk of being seen by their colleagues as overly-analytical and emotionally disconnected.

Another risk for highly conscientious leaders is that their perfectionism can cause them to lose sight of the big picture. They can become so focused on thoroughly analysing and perfecting small details, that projects can move along far too slowly. Having said that once an agreed deadline is made they will want to meet it.

So, how do I know what sort of leader I am?

How do I know what DISC my team is?

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