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What Is Potential & How Do You Unleash It?

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Everyone has it in them to develop themselves and reach their full potential. We all have the ability to do a little more each day than we think we can possibly do.

Absolutely everyone has it in them to develop themselves and reach their full potential. We all have the ability to do a little more each day than we think we can possibly do. This could be in work, relationships, family, sports, fitness or pretty much any situation that requires you to focus your mind-set and behaviours.

It would be amazing if you could click your fingers and release your full potential in seconds but the reality is that if you want to unlock the door to your personal excellence, this takes some consideration and steps towards self-development.

Developing the right mind-set and the motivation to take action to develop yourself is the key.

• Make a conscious choice to develop yourself

We all have the choice to either 1.) Stay where we are, in our current situations - nothing really ever changing or 2.) Discover what we could really achieve in life if we take the decision to question our current reality

Ask yourself the following question –

• What would be the impact of things staying the same for you?

• What would your life look like if you committed to your own self development and changed your current situation?

Which one of the answers looks more appealing and more likely to result in a positive impact for your life?

• Eliminate your old habits

Any habits you have, or put another way - any reoccurring thoughts or behaviours you have that could be holding you back need to be eliminated from your life if you are serious about unleashing your full potential.

Becoming more aware of any negative habits you have will be the first step in being able to eliminate the thoughts and behaviours that are preventing you from achieving optimum success.

The next time you hear yourself think “I couldn’t possibly do that”, “I’m no good at that” or you find yourself taking the decision to avoid trying something in a different way – think about what this habit is really doing for you.

Imagine what could happen if little by little you managed to change your negative thoughts into positive ones and step by step managed to edge out of your comfort zone so new opportunities could crop up?

• Set goals – create happiness

According to the quote by Lou Holtz, “If you're bored with life, if you don't get up every morning with a burning desire to do things, you don't have enough goals”.

The majority of us have all been there at some stage in our lives, felt a bit lost with no clear direction or goals to keep us motivated.

There is a direct link between happiness and the attainment of goal which is why we feel so much satisfaction when we achieve our goals. Goal setting is the one activity that sets apart those who just get by in life and those who are successful, self-starter types, full of potential.

Write your goals down, break your goals down into manageable chunks and measure your progress!

Remember …

Potential is the possibility we all have within to perform to our maximum capability

The limitations on what we can do in our lives are largely self-imposed



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