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Top 10 Tips For Finding More Time

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If you've ever found yourself saying "there's just not enough hours in the day" or "I wish I had the time to ..." then this article is for you. Ann Skidmore shares some practical tips to save you more time and energy.

Ann Skidmore is a Coaching Academy trainer and has trained, coached, mentored and developed over 14,000 people in various industries such as the health service, the airport industry, financial services sector, I.T, manufacturing, education, leisure industry, coaching industry, retailing and sales. Here, Ann shares with us her top 10 tips for finding more time.

Top 10 Tips for Finding More Time

"It is the busiest man who has time to spare" - Cryil Parkinson

1. Order your priorities so that you don’t squander time on unnecessary tasks.

2. Group jobs to be done by category, such as telephone calls, reading or writing emails.

3. Examine the parts of your day that appear to be committed – you may find some marginal time that can be used.

4. Find ways to cut down on time spent on mundane tasks.

5. Find ways to use time when you’re physically but not mentally occupied – try listening to a podcast, educational CD or use the time to think.

6. Treat waiting times as an opportunity - to read, write, think, or reflect.

7. Choose if possible the means of transport that will afford you the best opportunity to use the time productively.

8. Reduce the quality of your attention on things that don’t demand it fully, so that you can do something else at the same time. There are many things you can do while you watch television – particularly those tasks that only require one part of your concentration.

9. Take advantage of unexpected gaps in your day – time that had originally been allocated to a specific task. Re-allocate it productively.

10. Regard time as something that can be adapted to your needs and objectives.



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