We recommend many books to our students here at The Coaching Academy. Thanks to Roger Dennison for taking the time to share his thoughts on one of these books.

Does your coaching goal involve supporting your clients’ despite the challenges of the 21st century? Then you may want to draw inspiration from the ideas in a book first published more than 75 years ago. Napoleon Hill’s 1937 classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’ distils years of his research into the paths to success of historic figures such as Edison, Ford, and Rockefeller. The book drives the reader to: interact with the text; write down their responses to questions; and take action. Here is a taste of Hill’s work: Focus On Your Goals Hill is clear about the relationship between goals, specific actions, and carefully crafted plans. The links to coaching methodology are clear (I wondered if Hill’s work may have provided some inspiration for Brian Tracy and Stephen Covey too). As Hill says: “Start with a definite goal and do what is necessary to take one step toward that cherished goal”. Transcend Your Limiting Beliefs Personal awareness, authenticity and responsibility are keys to success, according to the text. There is a flavour of mindfulness to Hill’s words too. I think Laura Berman Fortgang would recognise how Hill’s questions (which highlight one’s own inner wisdom) act as a step toward living one’s best life. Hill tells the reader: “There are no limitations to the mind, except those we acknowledge”. Apply Leadership Standards To Your Service Are you thinking of establishing yourself as a leader in your niche? Hill’s check list of leadership attributes includes the following qualities you can develop, if you lack them now: “…Unwavering courage; sympathy and understanding; the willingness to assume full responsibility”. Be Part Of A Mastermind Group When you finish Hill’s book you will appreciate why he keeps highlighting the value of effective networking (he’s an advocate of the ‘mastermind’ group, as you will always be drawing on and offering unique insight to that group). As Hill says: “Persistence is to character what carbon is to steel”. Summary Trying to summarise ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is a challenge, given the book’s scope. At the most basic level I would say having read each chapter you will want to: define your goals on paper; draw on the support of others; then keep taking action. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did, and that it helps you achieve your goals. Roger Dennison



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