Looking back at my own journey and the investment I've made in my professional development and personal growth, I can see this really has made a hugely positive impact on both my career and life in general. First and foremost, I believe the key to success is confidence.

Whether this is confidence in presenting, decision making, networking or simply working with people on an everyday basis.  Confidence will enable you to become resilient, motivated, focused and courageous.  As a result, last year I created The Personal Success Academy to give people access to all the advice and training which I believe people need to help them succeed.  The fundamentals of all this lie within the training modules, which are delivered by a variety of experts in their field, including my colleague Kris Robertson, Performance Coach and Training Director at The Coaching Academy.

Personal Success Academy also features many of the experts who deliver our free, two day Life Coaching course and other professional development days.  This includes Pam Lidford  - leading Confidence Coach, Ann Skidmore - NLP Coach and Image Consultant, Sarah Urquhart -  Accredited Executive Coach and many other highly skilled and talented professionals who I can personally recommend. 

The Personal Success Academy offers a range of over 20 modules including: Goal Setting, Mindfulness, Confidence Building, Over Coming Negative Thinking, Resilience, Motivation, Energy, Exercise & Healthy Eating, Creating Vision, Personal Image and Impact.  The modules will equip you with a variety of interactive tools and pioneering techniques which are easily applicable to your everyday life.  The modules are all fully accredited with CPD status and are recognised by all UK sector skills councils. You can complete them online, at your own convenience and at your own individual pace of learning. 

I also present four modules myself, including Blitzing Procrastination, Upgrade Your Life, Click or Clash – How To Build Positive Relationships and Decision Making For Success. I’ve taken a hands on approach to designing every module within The Personal Success Academy to ensure you’ll be equipped with all the skills you need to increase your confidence, perform at your mental and physical best and ultimately succeed. I’m sure you’ll find The Personal Success Academy an extremely valuable asset to your own journey of personal development and growth.


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