This week is International Coaching Week 2015, so we thought it a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the benefits of being a coach.

Becoming a coach is a wonderful and fulfilling career with significant rewards.

The life enhancing benefits of being a coach can have a huge impact on your professional and personal life.  Be it exploring coaching to further develop your ability to help others, or a quest for a sense of purpose, becoming a coach changes you and your relationships for the better.

Coaching is rewarding and satisfying

Coaches gain satisfaction helping people develop and achieve their goals. An opportunity to make a difference and see first-hand the impact on other peoples’ lives and a chance to give something back are all well documented satisfying rewards. Working with people who are eager to learn and gain clarity give coaches a real sense of purpose. This in turn can create a strong sense of self-worth, inner happiness and career satisfaction.

Coaching strengthens relationships

Engaging others through coaching can strengthen personal and professional relationships. This is because personal information and insight is provided by the coachee and together strategies are formulated to achieve results.  Throughout this process coaches make fundamental connections with those they support, as they share their sense of accomplishment and success.  These relationships often transcend different age groups, hierarchies and work cultures.

Coaching accelerates a coaches own personal and professional development

Coaching often takes place in a fast paced environment that accelerates personal growth and development.  As people learn from each other, so the coaches continue to learn at a rapid pace too.  The natural synergy taking place continues to invigorate both parties and coaches feels rejuvenated from the experience.  Supporting others is an excellent way in which to maintain individual professional development.

Coaching expands professional networks and communities

Whether running your own company or working for an organisation, success as a commercial coach often lies with the ability to develop personal and professional networks. These networks quickly widen and provide numerous opportunities to engage an audience. With the use of Social Media, the possibilities to provide expert commentary and connect with even larger groups are immense. 

Flexibility to live and work where you want

As coaching can be carried out over the telephone or with the use of Skype or FaceTime, actual geographical location is flexible. A coaching practice is portable and gives freedom in travel and work options.  This model supports part-time working from home, or the opportunity to build a business up whilst continuing other employment.

Quick entry to the profession

Training to become a coach can take as little as 6 – 9 months and it’s up to each individual to decide the pace of study.  As a newly trained coach, it’s important to ‘coach while you learn and learn while you coach’. The majority of The Coaching Academy coaches start their own full-time businesses, whilst others work part-time.  Others gain coaching training to enhance results within their current employment.

So if you have been wondering whether coaching could be your next career, come along to our free 2 day introductory course. You will experience coaching first hand and come away with some great insight to the coaching world.

In the spirit of International Coaching Week, for those of you already on your journey as a coach, share with us your experiences on the benefits of being a coach

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