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INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Top Tips For A Healthy Work-Life Balance From The Coaching Academy

Ever feel like your life is running you instead of the other way round? The pressures of work can become quite a demand when you are trying to juggle career alongside family, friends, social life and general well-being. There is no magic solution to achieving a better work / life balance, like most processes that will have a positive impact in your life, it is something to be practiced but here are some top tips that should help you along the way.

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Achieving a Better Work-Life Balance - Debbie Hayes

Have you reached an age where doctors, vets and policeman look increasingly younger and notice people saying "life's not a dress rehearsal" and "these are the best days of your life"?. Yet life doesn't quite feel that way as the responsibilities of demanding employers, partners, children and possibly ageing parents pull you in several directions at once, and you may feel you've lost any real control, direction and purpose in your life, and start wondering if Work/Life Balance really does exist.

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