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Posted 7 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Emma Humphrey - 'My mission is to support people through coaching'

Our coach in the spotlight this week is Emma Humphrey. Emma shares how she discovered coaching during a time in her life when she was feeling stuck and unwell, and how she's now using her coaching skills to help others overcome similar struggles. We hope you enjoy her inspiring story.

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Posted 21 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Millie Coleman: 'My Coaching Journey'

Our Coach in the Spotlight this week, Millie Coleman, writes about discovering coaching when she was ready for a change in her career.

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Posted 56 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Graham Little: I found myself and my future self.

In this week's Coach in the Spotlight our accomplished business and personal performance coach, Graham Little shares how a shift in his career - and priorities - led him to a new profession in business and youth coaching. We hope you enjoy his inspiring journey and top tips.

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