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Posted 3 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Coach in The Spotlight - Sarah Bramall

I sensed the excitement as I walked into the room of the TCA’s free 2-Day event in March 2016. I sat down next to a lovely lady who introduced herself and we immediately formed a friendship, which endured as we supported each other through our coaching qualification.

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Posted 10 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

My Life Changing Coaching Journey – By Stuart Betteridge

It was one day in late 2015, when I had a moment of realisation: even though, through my role as a manager, I had spent lots of time and energy encouraging others to develop themselves, my own development had been static for too long. In essence, I was not acting on my own advice. It was at this point that I decided that I needed to move forward, and that it was finally time to address my own personal development!

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Posted 17 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

3 Easy Steps To Manage Your Emotional State – From The Coaching Academy

Self-management of your emotional state is the act of taking responsibility for your emotions. It is a fact that your emotions can affect your decision-making process and behaviour. Therefore, the ability to be more aware of your emotions and actually taking responsibility for controlling them can help you to be more effective, productive and successful in keeping your goals in sight.

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Posted 17 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

My Coaching Journey – By Peter Sleigh

My journey to becoming a qualified coach with The Coaching Academy may be slightly unusual as I am the CEO of an accountancy practice, Sleigh & Story, employing 10 people in the UK and about to double that overseas. I started my business in my back bedroom 12 years ago with no clients. I now have over 400 clients and have an annual turnover of more than half a million pounds with six figure earnings.

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Posted 38 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

The Wheel of Life – From The Coaching Academy

The lifeblood for so many successful individuals is to have a goal-setting strategy. It’s essential for them to know where they are going in order to know where to start.

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Posted 87 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Coach in the Spotlight - Gabriela Radu

It’s been almost two years since I started my Coaching Journey with The Coaching Academy, and here I stand, transformed.

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Posted 137 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

4 Ways to Conduct a Life Audit - Bev James

Most people never give themselves the opportunity to step back and see where they are in life. Like an artist stepping back from his easel, it’s a fundamental part of assessing how far you’ve come, and where you want to go.

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Posted 394 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

How to master life transitions - Bev James

Many of us can experience life transitions at various points in our lives, it could be moving to a new city, a redundancy, retirement, becoming a parent, a divorce or simply wanting to create positive changes in your life. Going through a life transition can bring up a mixed range of emotions which can cause many of us to feel uncertain, question our identity or revaluate what we truly want.

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Posted 437 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

5 Lessons that Muhammad Ali can teach us about life

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Posted 470 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

7 Ways Life Coaching can help you to become the best version of yourself - Bev James

Having had the pleasure to meet and train many amazing life coaches over the years it has been extremely rewarding to hear the success stories they have had not only in their own lives but also when working with their clients.

Life coaches have had the pleasure to see their clients attain their dream jobs, drastically improve their relationships, build up their confidence to set up their own businesses, win awards, travel the world and live a life full of purpose.

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Posted 513 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

5 Ways to spring clean your life!

Spring has arrived, a time for sunnier days, blooming flowers and new beginnings; it's also a time when many people choose to 'spring clean' their homes.

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