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Posted 91 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Making Your Soul Sing By Bev James

Whenever someone asks how you are, how do you reply? Im great!, Im fab, thanks! or something else equally as positive and enthusiastic? Or is it more often the case that you reply with Im ok, Im getting there, or Not bad? If were being honest with ourselves, many of us tend towards the latter. Why? Because were settling for lives that are less happy than they could be.

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Posted 875 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

7 Steps To Staying Cool, Calm and Collected - By John Dyer, Life Coach

In today's world, more people are finding it harder to cope with day to day stress. Regardless of occupation, seniority, or salary, we're spending more of our days feeling drained and out of control, instead of focused and calm.

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Posted 896 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

It's Tough At The Top! - By Gail Butt

When someone uses the word brave the images that immediately come to my mind are soldiers fighting on the front line or people battling illness. So when I recount the story of the last year of my life and people use the word brave to describe it, it never used to ring true.

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