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3 questions to help you break through your comfort zone

Bravery isnít only for people we think of as heroes - those who save lives or climb the highest mountain they can find.

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How to have the courage to do anything! by Bev James

Courage is a quality that is available to us all. It can help us to grow, push through our fears and doubts and go after the things we want. When we're courageous we can feel more confident in pursuing our skills, passions and purpose which acts as our guiding force to create a life we love!

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12 Cs of Conscious Creation - Making The World A Better Place - Dee Harding

You are continually creating your own reality. At this crucial time in the world it is more important than ever to consciously choose to create a better reality Ė for yourself and for the world.

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BE BRAVE - Bev James

The successes that mean the most in life tend to be the ones that are hardest won and that we have overcome obstacles to achieve. When things come easily we may undervalue the prize; when we feel safe we may stop challenging ourselves to grow and develop.

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