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Posted 0 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

My Coaching Journey – By Sruti Kanabar

My journey with The Coaching Academy started back in July 2015 when I came across an advert for TCA’s free 2-day Coaching event on the Facebook app on my phone whilst being on my train back home.

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Posted 7 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

I Have Found My Passion And Purpose – by James Lewis

My journey to become a professional coach started in October 2015.

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Posted 14 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Coach in The Spotlight – Oriel Camp

'Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.’ - Mahatma Gandhi

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Posted 21 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

My Journey into Coaching - by Sarah Howarth

I have worked in the education sector for most of my professional life, initially teaching and latterly as a senior manager for over 18 years. My first interest in coaching was through a short training course at work and I found that coaching approaches fit with my desire to always help all people to achieve the best they can for themselves.

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Posted 28 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

I Have Now Found My Calling In Life – by Miriam Cuddihy

What an amazing journey The Coaching Academy has taken me on! My initial interest was in taking the NLP Practitioner course and with an abundance of NLP providers in the market place. I was delighted to come across a Free 2-day Foundation in Life Coaching Course with The Coaching Academy which I attended in February 2016.

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Posted 35 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

My Studies Have Changed My Life – by Penny Barker

My self-development journey has taken me full circle through a career as a veterinary surgeon, programme manager and management consultant and back again. My first experience of coaching was on the Leadership Programme for one of the Big 4 consultancy companies. I was writing my business case for promotion and through the coaching process, I realised that whilst it was a great job that paid well, it didn’t fit in with my personal values. I wasn’t desperately unhappy, but something just wasn’t right. I ended up writing my business case to leave the firm and return to vetting, taking a considerable salary cut but doing something I loved.

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Posted 42 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Coach in The Spotlight – Nazma Kabir

We recently caught up with The Coaching Academy Graduate Nazma Kabir, who had the privilege to work with Mother Theresa at the age of 17, for a Q&A session for this week 's Coach in The Spotlight. We hope you enjoy it...

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Posted 49 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

I Never Looked Back! My Coaching Journey – by James Banfield

My story began on a train journey a few years ago. I had been studying self-help and development all of my adult life, and because of my friendly curious nature, people tended to open up to me and would like to talk through their problems and concerns. This evening was no different, a friend of mine was having a difficult time at work and was considering handing in his notice. We talked through all of the angles and I reassured him that whatever he decided, it would all work out in the end. Then something unexpected happened - Just as he was getting up to leave he turned and said, "You would be a great life coach." It was like a bolt of lightning had just hit me! I didn't even know exactly what a life coach was, but something told me that this conversation was meant to happen and I had to do something about it.

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Posted 56 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

My Coaching Journey – Siany Evans

My journey started about a year ago when I stumbled across a free 2-Day sample about coaching on Facebook. I signed up and it was at that taster session that I knew it-was-for-me.

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Posted 63 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Coach in The Spotlight - Sarah Bramall

I sensed the excitement as I walked into the room of the TCA’s free 2-Day event in March 2016. I sat down next to a lovely lady who introduced herself and we immediately formed a friendship, which endured as we supported each other through our coaching qualification.

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Posted 70 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

My Life Changing Coaching Journey – By Stuart Betteridge

It was one day in late 2015, when I had a moment of realisation: even though, through my role as a manager, I had spent lots of time and energy encouraging others to develop themselves, my own development had been static for too long. In essence, I was not acting on my own advice. It was at this point that I decided that I needed to move forward, and that it was finally time to address my own personal development!

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