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Posted 4 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

12 Months That Changed My Life – by Jenny Thomas

This time last year, I was nearly qualified as an NLP Practitioner and had just started my journey to qualifying as a Personal Performance Coach with The Coaching Academy. Today, I have my own coaching business with a rewarding career helping my clients to improve and fulfil their lives. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that was just 12 months ago, especially when I was then still managing anxiety challenges, didn’t really know what I was doing or how I was going to get there.

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Posted 11 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Coach in The Spotlight – Rafael Pompeo

My story with The Coaching Academy started when I went to London in December 2013 and signed up for The Academy’s free 2-day Foundation in Life Coaching Course. I was amazed at how well organised the course was: the teachers, the infrastructure and the materials they gave us. All this care contributed to my first very good impression of the academy. Not to mention the fact that serving as a catalyst for people’s progress - one of the first things Kris Robertson said at that event - totally caught my attention. It was love at first sight!

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Posted 18 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Coach in The Spotlight – Debbie Robinson

I first 'stumbled’ upon The Coaching Academy when their 2-Day Foundation in Life Coaching course details popped up on Linked In. I signed up thinking it might be an interesting couple of days. Those 2 days have changed my life!

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Posted 25 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Marlene Morris

My coaching journey began with The Coaching Academy’s free 2-day event back in 2015. These 2-days truly gave me the confidence to move on and enrol on the Personal Coaching Diploma course as they gave me an insight into what I would be doing and how the things I would be learning could help improve my personal skills and career goals.

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Posted 32 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Coach in The Spotlight - Amanda Green

I have worked in sales and business development for many years and a large part of my role was in building and developing sales teams. I was responsible for training and mentoring sales consultants, many of whom had little or no sales experience. I found the biggest factor that hindered their success was a lack of confidence. The most satisfying part of my role was helping others feel more confident and motivated. I helped them to set goals and fulfill their plans.

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Posted 39 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Coach in The Spotlight – Donna Neseyif

I discovered coaching at a particularly challenging time in my life, which later, during my training with The Coaching Academy on Personal Performance Diploma, I found was not unusual. Like many others, I indulged my new passion by buying a number of coaching books from the internet. They all duly arrived through my letter box and I set about reading them.

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Posted 46 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Coach in The Spotlight - Simon Drury

It’s a big leap of faith and not a little bit scary to decide to step away from the more financially secure world of education to one of uncertainty and volatility that is self-employment. But I did just that in 1989.

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Posted 52 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Coach in The Spotlight - Sarah Jones

Do you know what got me into coaching? It was having the experience of some great coaching for myself. And also - I must say - some bad coaching!

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Posted 60 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Coach in the Spotlight - Gabriela Radu

It’s been almost two years since I started my Coaching Journey with The Coaching Academy, and here I stand, transformed.

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Posted 74 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Chris Cooper - Coach in the Spotlight - My Journey into Coaching

I made the decision at the start of 2016 that I wanted to change my career. Specifically, I realised that I no longer wanted to work for somebody else. Having left my previous job as Operations Director for a sports company, I started working for a friend’s company as a project manager on a freelance basis. I soon liked the freedom and creativity that came from my freelance work.

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Posted 81 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles

Hamid Safaei - Coach in the Spotlight

We recently caught up with Coaching Academy Graduate Hamid Safaei for a Q&A session for this week 's Coach in The Spotlight. We hope you enjoy it...

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