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TCA Author Series - Part 6 - David Hare Author of The Buddha in Me, The Buddha in You

Coaching was totally instrumental in me starting, continuing and finishing my book 'The Buddha in Me, the Buddha in You’, a handbook for happiness.

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Samantha Babington - Author of Serendipity’s Secret - A novel way to achieve your dreams

This week, TCA’s 'Coaching Academy Author Series' continues with a short article from Samantha Babington, where the author reveals what inspired her to write her book 'Serendipity’s Secret'...

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What Sparks My Imagination and Motivation - Saira Nisa

I enjoy burying my head in a good book; it’s where my imagination runs wild in all the colours and shades of the spectrum (books without pictures spark the imagination). It’s where I am comforted by a great story regardless of how I feel knowing the book won’t judge me, it will wait for me to turn the page, it will remain where I place it without uttering a sigh and will be right there when I pick it up again.

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