We caught up with our wonderful coach, Stevie Worsell for a Q&A session in the Coach in The Spotlight column as he shares how coaching shifted his perspectives and empowered him to help others to grow and fulfil their dreams. Stevie also lends some great coaching top tips, which we hope you find useful…

What brought you to coaching? 

My route to coaching was via counselling. I attended counselling in 2013, which was one of the best things I have ever done. Due to the benefits it had upon me I wanted to give back to counselling to help others. At my workplace, I was training to move into a people management role and was placed upon an ILM Coaching in the workplace course with fellow colleagues. At first, I was very skeptical, but quickly found something I was passionate about once I saw the effect it had on colleagues, I was able to coach. I quickly saw something whereby I could support others upon their journey and found it more empowering. 

What was your profession before becoming a coach?

I can utilise my coaching skills within my current role as an IT support manager. I positively effect staff members within my team and provide coaching to other individuals around the organisation. For me, it is the most powerful leadership style. 

What did you find most interesting to learn? 

There were so many! During the Personal Performance Diploma, I loved Values & Beliefs. I learnt so much about myself and was able to understand reasons behind why I had been sabotaging my own goals. My values were not considered and were conflicting with one another. I am always mindful of this when starting new ventures. Within NLP, I loved every single weekend getting together, the most interesting part to learn was state management and understanding the states we can get into. Although the presupposition of ‘There is no such thing as failure only feedback’ has been my greatest tool, I take everything as learning now whereas before I would procrastinate due to being indecisive, fearful I would fail. 

What was the most rewarding part of the training/journey? 

I consider myself to be in a very fortunate position where I can positively influence clients I work with. I witness first-hand the fantastic growth they enjoy upon their journey. What could be more rewarding?

Which bits did you enjoy the most?

The Accelerator Days were fantastic and took me out of my comfort zone which helped. As a natural introvert being in an environment where most attendees were extroverted enabled my own growth. I am fortunate to have met some fantastic people on the courses. 

How did the qualification slot in with your current life? 

During the courses I had fantastic support which allowed it to be more seamless. I was fortunate that my line manager & partner would ask questions to see how it was going. It just meant an evening a week and a Saturday morning were used to complete the work. Half way through the qualification, we had a little boy, so I had someone who was dependent on me. However, I knew I had to keep organised and was working to a schedule. I just had to be more flexible compared to before he had arrived. 

Where are you now? How are you using your coaching skills? 

Primarily, I am using coaching within the workplace assisting individuals around the organisation in all areas of life and work. Outside of here, I am building my own brand, ensuring I can positively touch as many people as possible.  

What is your coaching niche and why did you choose it? 

My niche is based around confidence & mindset. The reason being is some of the coachee’s along the way had this theme in common and NLP complimented it nicely. However, the main reason being I have had my own confidence & mindset issues. Coaching has really drawn these out of me for the better. I have had the benefit first hand and want to enable others to grow and live the lives they want. Not the ones given to them. 

What are your top tips for:

People who are looking at coaching?

If someone was looking into coaching and wanted my advice, I would simply ask what are you waiting for? Unless you want to control people to conform to what you want then coaching will only benefit you, and those around you.

Those coaches currently in training?

Take a step back from the training and set yourself consistent targets. Keep on top of each module. I remember being told early to keep on top of my LRS and I am so grateful I listened. I would get back around 8:30 on the Saturday evening, relax for the day and type up the notes first thing Sunday morning. Get those practical assessments booked up. I delayed & delayed and they weren’t as scary as I thought! 

Coaches that are about to qualify?

Don’t try to perfect everything submit your work but be ready to fill the void that the qualification leaves behind.


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