Our wonderful NLP practitioner, Stasia Banto this week reflected on her life-changing journey and how coaching helped her reconnect with her passion and purpose. Stasia truly believes that people can achieve what they want in life and be happy with themselves.

We’re so proud to see Stasia’s creative coaching programmes are profoundly transforming her clients’ lives. 

What brought you to coaching?

I had coaching from a coach who did their qualification with The Coaching Academy. I really enjoyed my sessions. I was 17 and seriously depressed at this time. I was listening to motivational speakers non-stop to help. Having coaching allowed me to see there are many different aspects to look at in life, you do have a choice, you can decide what you want for yourself and life is worth living!  

Having received coaching during college completely changed the next steps I was going to take, I planned to do a psychology degree at university because I wanted to work with people on their mind-set as I really enjoyed mentoring at YASP. I was working through my own stuff and volunteering. I know it’s a big statement for some people. But I truly believe people do not have a mental health problem or issues. Many people have not been given a chance to learn about themselves, talk about traumas, go through the process of their own pain and get clear on what they want for themselves. For me, this belief is the foundation I have for every session I do. I hold and truly believe that the person can achieve and be happy with themselves.  

What was the most rewarding part of the journey?

The most rewarding part of my journey was getting to know myself and be there for me. I know now when I am there for myself, I can be there for others and I can facilitate in a place where I am not trying to fix or change the person. The person simply gets to know and understand themselves. Whilst doing my qualification, I left my job and spent a lot of time meditating, volunteering and working on myself.

Where are you now?  

I am now currently a body empowerment and confidence coach for women. I help women to be body confident and to be more comfortable in their own skin. Over time, I can use the word NLP and explain what it is all about as they start to notice changes in their own life. My clients or people who have free sessions from me will ask how do you do what you do and they’re much more open to using the word NLP and talking about the reason behind why certain exercises are set up in a certain way and why language is so important. I am using my skills through 1-2-1 sessions, a 5-month body confidence program I have set up and the courses I am currently creating i.e. 21 days to becoming happier and confident in your body. 

What is your coaching niche and why did you choose it?

I found my niche through doing personal training. I chose my niche, because I could see so many women were chasing the gym or perfect diet, because they believed ‘if I am x size or weight I will be happy confident’. I also use NLP when I am mentoring at YASP. The sessions are focused on what they want to talk about, which is usually their struggles and traumas. We do lots of exercises from The Coaching Academy and ones I created. 

What are your top tips?

If you’re going through your qualification or you’re about to start or thinking about building a business, I have several tips for you if you would like to take them on board.  

• Self-employed is still a job. It’s learning to move from an employee and self-employed mind-set to a business mind-set. We can learn anything so have fun learning building your business and business mind-set.  

• Give yourself permission to work on yourself during the qualification rather than changing friends, family and clients. Taking good care of yourself means the people in your life will receive the best of you not what’s left of you. 

• Make time to master your coaching and your business. 

• Your business is not your life. It’s an aspect of your life. 

• Continue to invest yourself. I have a personal trainer, network to help me build a business, mentors, coaches and my circle is now filled with people who have said yes to themselves. 

• Create a routine or have something in place whilst coaching and after coaching. I have a big purple bubble around me during sessions to ensure I facilitate rather than take the other person’s stuff on. 

• If you know what your niche is, or you enjoy working with someone or a certain topic in particular, get to know the person or the people who are associated with that certain topic. Ask questions so you can understand them better. 


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