This week, TCA’s 'Coaching Academy Author Series' continues with a short article from Samantha Babington, where the author reveals what inspired her to write her book 'Serendipity’s Secret'...

My book ‘Serendipity’s Secret’ is a step-by step guide to achieving your dreams written through the eyes of a dissatisfied cat called Serendipity, whose life is transformed when she meets a parrot called Pollyanna who becomes her Life Coach.  I was inspired to write the book after qualifying from The Coaching Academy in 2005 as I wanted to introduce as many people as possible to the power of Coaching and the incredible results that could be achieved.

The book takes the reader step by step through the whole coaching process from the point where the client is feeling stuck and unsure how to make changes to their life, to exploring the truth about their current reality, pinpointing values and beliefs, setting exciting and achievable goals, finding ways to overcome obstacles and then finally achieving their dreams.  Each chapter covers a different coaching topic, demonstrating the various tools and techniques a coach would use with their clients and the amazing results that can be achieved.

I was excited to achieve some wonderful endorsements from a number of bestselling authors, such as Susan Jeffers (Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway) and my book has received some great reviews on Amazon. I have also had some lovely comments from fellow coaches as well as coaches in training who reported how helpful they found having the practical elements of coaching demonstrated through a story. 

Writing a book has been a wonderful adventure for me and Pollyanna is set to return shortly in a follow-up book, as yet untitled, where she coaches a dog called Max to find his true purpose in life! 


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