This week, TCA Coaching Academy Author Series, Part 4 continues with Ro Gorell's short article, where the author reveals her journey to writing her own book 'Group Coaching’.

Imagine if your organisation had a daily dose of challenge, inspiration, proactivity and invigoration!   I ask my readers to imagine this as they begin exploring how group coaching can unleash latent potential – otherwise known as talent. 

I began my own adventure in the world of coaching with The Coaching Academy back in 2004.  During my first weekend training, we were introduced to an alumna of The Academy who had written a book on Life Coaching.  I was inspired to set a goal about writing my own book on coaching – within five years.

Over the course of the next four years I started to exercise my writing muscles.  I learnt about copywriting and enjoyed writing headlines, testing copy on my website and in my newsletters.

In 2008 I met another coach who was running a successful Learning and Development consultancy and together in 2009 we wrote and published our first book, 50 Top Tools for Coaching.

In 2012 my husband and I made a life-changing decision to move to Australia.  It was a year of change and I’d just signed another book deal with Kogan Page.  This time I was writing solo and wanted to share what I had spotted – the growing trend of coaching people in groups.

Group coaching requires coaching skills and coaching people creates the possibility of exponential growth in any organisation.  It’s rewarding and truly tests your ability as a coach to hold the space.

I am driven by a desire to help organisations leverage the talents of all the people who work there, not just the favoured few.  Group coaching helps deliver systemic change that benefits everyone.

In the next few years we will experience seismic change in the world of work.  According to CEDA, there is a medium to high probability that 40% of existing job types will disappear within the next five years in Australia.  We need something that helps everyone become comfortable with growth and change to make them future proofed.  Group coaching is an excellent enabler for this change.

The Coaching Academy helped me start my coaching adventure.  I hope my story helps you continue on your path to learning and growth.  Maintaining a ‘beginner’s mind’ is what helps me stay fresh.  And coaching groups helps me stay connected with my learning.

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