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It's almost 2021 - how exciting! If you are in the habit of focusing on next year's goals at the end of December, we're here to support you.

Our last Coaching Conversations of the year is all about reviewing 2021 and focusing on success for the year to come. Led by TCA Head of Training, Sharon Lawton, you too can work through this coaching framework with us if you missed joining us live. 

If you are a TCA student or a qualified life coach, you know Stephen Covey's '7 Habits of Highly Successful People'. It's s a fantastic coaching framework so let's use it to get ready for 2021! 

Here’s a reminder of these 7 habits 

1. Be proactive

Take responsibility for your reaction to your experiences, take the initiative to respond positively, and improve the situation. 

2. Begin with the end in mind

Envision what you want in the future so you can work and plan towards it.

3. First things first

Determine what is important and what is urgent. 

4. Think win-win

Focus on mutually beneficial solutions or agreements in your relationships.

5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood

Use empathetic listening to genuinely understand a person first.

6. Synergize

Combine the strengths of people through positive teamwork, so as to achieve goals that no one could have done alone 

7. Sharpen the Saw

Balance and renew your resources, energy, and health to create a sustainable, long-term, effective lifestyle. Through our conscience, along with meaningful and consistent progress, this will result in growth, change, and constant improvement.

Watch the video and prepare yourself for a short coaching session using the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People as a framework.

It lasts one hour so take a notebook, a pen and let’s get started! 

Click here to watch the video. 



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