Preferred Supplier for Enhanced Learning Credits for the Armed Forces It goes without saying that the Armed Forces do a fantastic job looking after the security of our country. Setting up a career in the Forces is a big decision that many make from a young age. The MOD have a great initiative to promote lifelong learning amongst those that have committed their careers to the forces called Enhanced Learning Credits for the Armed Forces – or ELCAS.

ELCAS generates opportunities for personal development for individuals to support the growing career both when serving their country and also for their progression in the future. The Coaching Academy are privileged to be a preferred supplier for ELCAS offering the Personal Performance Diploma to those wanting to gain a coaching qualification adding to their skill set. The Coaching Academy support eligible members of the Armed Forces to gain funding towards their coaching qualification. Think you may be eligible? If you answer Yes to all the below questions then call our admissions team now on 0208 4399 440 to find out further information: Have you been in the armed forces for 4 full years of service? Have you joined the ELC scheme for 4 or more years? Are you a UK resident? Connect with Bev on LinkedIn.


ELCAS Enhanced Learning Credits. Armed Forces MOD funding for coaches


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