Performance Coaching by Angus McLeod, Ph.D. (Crown House Publishing, 2003) Whether you're a novice or veteran executive coach, HR professional or manager, Dr Angus McLeod's Performance Coaching provides a wealth of information, practical examples and tools with which to advance your abilities and handle almost any situation in the workplace with elegance and finesse. The examples, where Dr McLeod uses NLP techniques with such ease and achieves such superb outcomes, are not only educational but also delightful to read. This is a must-have book for everybody involved in corporate coaching.



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Change your life NOW - Nadine Slater

Nadine Slater, a qualified performance coach, provides you with some hints and tips to get you moving forwards with your goals, whether it is obtaining your qualification or developing your business.

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Activate Your Goals

Once you know what you want, you must cross the threshold by taking action. For many people, this is an onerous stumbling block. A new host of fears rush in, making getting started about as easy as taking the first step onto a rickety swing bridge high above your mental canyon. It's common to experience:

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