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Niche in the Spotlight: Weddings and Wellbeing

Posted 2014 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles


Today we talked to Matthew Phelps, to discuss his coaching niche helping brides, grooms and others to navigate the stresses building up to their wedding.

Today we talked to Matthew Phelps, to discuss his coaching niche helping brides, grooms and others to navigate the stresses building up to their wedding.

What is your niche?

My niche is wellbeing but within this I am marketing a “wedding” niche

What made you decide on your niche?

A conversation with some wedding photographers at a networking event got the old cogs whirring! We were discussing the various stresses of weddings and it just seemed to fit nicely with the wellbeing aspect of my business.

Why are you passionate about your niche?

I’m passionate about wellbeing and seeing people climb out of ruts or negative situations. Weddings can be extremely stressful for a host of reasons. I’d like to see more people worry less and enjoy the planning and lead up to their big day. Perhaps the “S” part of my DISC personality profile comes through there- (to find out more about DISC personality profiling, contact The Coaching Academy).

What sorts of challenges do you help people solve?

Both bride and groom want to look their best on their wedding day so I can help with weight and fitness goals. Time management is also a factor and coping with the various stresses that go with planning.

What benefits do you see your clients get from coaching?

Ultimately a happier more balanced approach to their wedding day. Looking and feeling their best and being able to look back and enjoy the memories.

Where do you find your clients?

I currently find my clients through mutual referrals from weddings suppliers.

How do you market yourself?

At this stage, I mainly market myself through Twitter, sending Tweets using the hash tag #weddinghour as my company is still in the process of getting off the ground. The aim will be to market at wedding fairs, contact with other weddings suppliers and to possibly feature in magazines.

Matthew took his passion for wellbeing and stress management, and spotted a unique opportunity in the wedding industry.

Having a passion for your niche is can be a catalyst for success, amongst other factors. But how else do you know you have found the right niche? Join us in the discussion on our LinkedIn Page!

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