This week's niche in the spotlight: helping "Mompreneurs", or entrepreneurial mothers to build their own business, with Sandra Heim.

This week's niche in the spotlight: helping “Mompreneurs”, or entrepreneurial mothers to build their own business, with Sandra Heim.

What is your niche?

I help mothers in building up their own business, so that they can live their whole potential, be financially independent and still have enough time for their children and family.

What made you decide on your niche?

I wanted to have a very clear niche in order to position myself as an expert and to build up a community of like-minded people. I love entrepreneurship and I also love to empower women. I was contemplating a lot about the right niche. One day while I was driving my car I suddenly knew: I want to work with mothers!

Seth Godin says: “I believe that being an entrepreneur is one of the highest impacting things you can do. It is your chance to make a dent in the universe.” That is also true for mothers. Coaching Mompreneurs brings those two powerful groups together.

Why are you passionate about your niche?

I am a mother myself and I am facing the same challenges my clients do. Tony Robbins once said that being a mother is probably the most important job on earth. Still, mothers risk poverty in later years and miss profound appreciation for their 135-hour-job. My dream is that mothers become a powerful force for social change. Gaining independence through our own businesses is step number one.

What sorts of challenges do you help people solve?

Usually my clients need support in:

  • gaining greater self-confidence
  • believing in their ability to make their business successful
  • developing the right business idea
  • developing their personal time-management system
  • communicating their needs powerfully
  • and setting boundaries that protect their business time

What benefits do you see your clients get from coaching?

I am the biggest fan of my clients which I mirror to them. From their feedback I know that they gain self-confidence and release a lot of pressure, finally realise that they can do it and already have all that it takes. As a consequence they become more successful in their businesses and happier with their family life.

Where do you find your clients?

I went online in February 2014 and focused on finding my clients on the net. Nevertheless I converted practice clients into paying customers, for example, I found a new client while visiting a meeting at my daughters’ kindergarten.

How do you market yourself?

I learned what a website needs in order to convert visitors into newsletter subscribers and eventually customers. In my website copy, I concentrate on the dreams and problems of my niche, so that they can feel understood and connected. I publish a weekly blog with free “mini-coaching” for my niche. That way I build up my newsletter list where I can promote coaching and future products to ideal customers.

What other questions would you like me to ask you?

I would love for you to ask: Am I happy that I trained with The Coaching Academy?

Oh yes, I am! It’s so easy to fall into the “advice trap” and I am very grateful that The Coaching Academy offers such a clear stand here. I am proud that I have this training and understanding of what pure coaching really is. To see my clients prosper through insights they gained from self-exploring is so rewarding.

Sandra is not only passionate about helping mothers, but also has an understanding of their challenges as well as their potential.

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