We're talking to The Coaching Academy's coaches about their uniquely inspiring niches! Today we talked to Paul Bailey, to discuss his coaching niche as a Gay Confidence Coach- as seen on TV!

We love to celebrate the success of our coaches here at The Coaching Academy, many of whom are doing great work within particular niches.

Today we interviewed Paul Bailey, to discuss his coaching niche as The Gay Confidence Coach as seen on TV!

What is your niche?

I’ve branded myself as the “Gay Confidence Coach”

What made you decide on your niche?

I didn’t want to have a “Gay” focus on my business initially. But I felt I needed a way to deine what coaching was and be clear on how I could help. I tried to explain to people what I was, what I did and how I did it. After a while, I realised that three words put together helped me say exactly that, Gay, Confidence, Coach.

Why are you passionate about your niche?

Firstly as a gay man, and because of the way I brand myself, my clients are mostly gay men too. This allows them to step past feeling like they need to explain parts of their life and so can get to work on things that matter most to them. I’ve always felt drawn to help people with low confidence levels so putting the two together seemed like the natural way forward.

What sorts of challenges do you help people solve?

I thought I was going to get a lot of people coming to me with issues of coming out or relationships. But to my surprise about 90% of my clients come to me with work related issues. Mostly around reputation and how to improve their social skills.

What benefits do you see your clients get from coaching?

Although their confidence grows as we work together, I think the benefit that the client notices the most is the improvement in their interaction with people, and in turn, the way people respond to them. They feel that the people now listen to them, respect their views and trust their judgment.

Where do you find your clients?

Unfortunately men don’t often talk about their problems, and they certainly don’t go telling others they are getting help with their confidence- so I don’t get any referrals at all. All my clients come from my website, podcasts and workshops that I run.

How do you market yourself?

My website is the main place I market myself, and linked to that I also have a podcast that is available for download from iTunes. The website often gets interest from the media and I’ve appeared on TV and had articles in the press because of my niche. I have also written two books which helps add to my profile as a coach.

What other services do you offer, if any, such as workshops or conferences?

I’ve been running workshops in central London for almost 5 years now- twice a month in central London for small groups of gay men looking to work on their confidence. Some of my clients there have been attending for almost 2 years, on and off.

What other questions would you like me to ask you?

... What tips would I give to other coaches about niching?

If you feel like you are excluding too many people from your marketing plan by niching, you’re on the RIGHT TRACK!

If you think you are revealing too much about yourself by niching, you’re on the RIGHT TRACK!

If you can reduce your elevator speech to 5 words or less, you’re on the RIGHT TRACK!



Paul didn't find his coaching niche, his coaching niche found him, thanks to his passion and experience. 

 You can find Paul on his website: www.gayconfidencecoach.com 

Having a passion for your niche is crucial to success, amongst other factors. But how else do you know you have found the right niche? One of our delegates asked Bev James that very question. You can see her response in this video to help you with your coaching business.




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