This week's Coach in the Spotlight is Lyubomila Karlikova, who came across coaching at a crossroad in her life. She embarked on this coaching journey that took her through different cities and experiences and emerged as a Personal Development & Relationship coach. She is now exploring the business of coaching while helping others find a path forward to their dreams. Enjoy her insightful story!

What brought you to coaching?

Ever since I can remember my self I had this longing for wanting to help and influence others in a good way. That is not to say that I was always a good example at everything, and on the contrary, I was a troublesome teenager and my life shifted quite a few times in unexpected ways and directions.

One thing though remained constant and that is the search for answers to existential questions and wondering about the "Why", just like a little Sophie from "Sophie's World" 1991 by Jostein Gaarder, who describes in his book the natural curiosity of his heroine as being that of a philosopher.

I have come to coaching with the desire to contemplate my longing to help people and raise awareness. To explore the Why by questioning the What, When, Where, Who and How and help them understand themselves and their lives better.

As a result of wanting to help others to solve their own problems, I have, by attending the course in Personal Performance Coaching, understood myself better. Many of the past, present, and planned future events have taken on a brand new meaning for me with a lot of awareness around my intentions and my reasons.

What was the most rewarding part of your Coaching journey?

My coaching journey began at a crucial moment in my life when I had to let go of a toxic partner. While pondering my personal and professional life, working as a massage therapist and a fashion retailer I was looking for an opportunity, still contemplating an inner call to help people.

I will never forget the day I attended the Introduction to Life Coaching with the Coaching Academy where I found awareness, encouragement and reassurance that I was in the right place. On my way home I couldn’t help but think “ well I’m not quite sure what exactly do I want out of life but I know for sure what I don’t want “ and it was the inappropriate behaviour of my ex-partner. This question was most certainly life-changing.

As the months went along I had undergone a lot of changes including relocating to two countries I had ties with and spent some time in them both doing work and helping family. Attending my coaching calls and webinars I needed to have my time frame right and clock evenly adjusted to the UK time.

I won’t forget getting off a plane once and within an hour had a practice coaching session. At times it was hard but I was driven and motivated as every coaching manual, webinar and a discussion with fellow coaches in training was interesting, informative and awakening experience in various ways.

I have two moments that felt most rewarding during my coaching journey. The first one was when one of my early coaching clients, my cousin, ( between us :) ) a sceptic to disciplines like coaching, found a job that matched her job searching criteria by 100 %, following our sessions. The other was when I received my coaching diploma. 

Tell us about the work you do! How are you using your coaching skills?

I have chosen to work within a niche of personal development and relationships. I would like to help people understand their intentions and reasons through careful, insightful questioning and support them to establish a clearer path forward towards something that they “really really want “.

I am at a process of exploring what would the best way forward be for my coaching business and have so far used my coaching skills to help family and friends. I have spent a big part of my coaching studies reconnecting with my much younger sister. We have come a long way together since then her high school years. The fact that I was sharing a lot about what I was learning through coaching caught on to her as she became aware of many inaccurate beliefs she was holding about her self and the world. 

What would you say to someone thinking of enrolling with The Coaching Academy?

To anyone looking at complimenting their career or having a complete career shift, have the opportunity to work flexible hours and in different countries, and most importantly anyone looking at helping others unleash hidden potential and possibilities, and all this while being taught in an environment of highly positive, intelligent and professional people, I would say - it is so worth it! 

What are your top tips for those currently in training with TCA?

For those currently in training, I would say to always take plenty of notes and try and record Webinar and Coaching sessions learnings right after, because it is hard having to go back to a discussion that happened a while back.” 

2021: A time for reflection but also a time for projection

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