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How to use DISC in sales

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Can DISC help close a sale? Knowing how your potential client prefers to be communicated to will help you close the gap from 'maybe' to 'heck yes' whether you are a coach looking for new clients or a salesperson for a corporate company.

Victoria O’Farrell, winner of the DISC in Coaching Award at the 2019 International Coaching Awards, put together a quick guide for you to help you solve the sales puzzle. 

How do you get inside the mind of your prospects?

In the current world where everyone is so busy, the noise on social media is so much greater, how do you get heard, get seen and then finally, when you're in front of your prospect, WIN the sale?

Whether it’s a virtual meeting or face to face, how do you sell them your products and services?

Rapport - we all know we need to build rapport.

FactFind - we all know we need to do a strong fact find.

But HOW do we do the above with the prospect in front of us? We know they have a need for our products and services and we know our USP, but without RAPPORT and taking the prospect on their buying cycle, the sales process is fairly weak.

So, HOW, what are the different behaviour styles and what do THEY need?

Selling To The Styles - the who, what, why and how

The D Preference - the WHAT?

With the 'D' Dominant style, there will be signs before you meet in terms of their style. Communications will be short and to the point. In conversations, they may interrupt you, to the point you may feel they are rude. They want to be in control, so they need to know that your products and services will advance the success of their business needs. 

They need the details to be high level and focused on the bottom line - what does your product/ service do, how it will affect the bottom line, how it will affect the forecast and growth. 

If they challenge you on your answers, this is a sign they are interested and if you do not have the answer, be honest and find out ASAP. They have a fear of failure and being taken advantage of, so to brush over any answers, or hide the truth will lose the client. 

They want to know HOW MUCH be prepared to give them a price with confidence, it will be a quick sale.

The I Preference - the WHO

The 'I', Influential, styles want to have fun and connect. Communication beforehand will have a personal feel, perhaps an emoji, and may often start with “how are you” or “trust all is well”. They will want to know how your product and services impact on other people, who will be delivering it from your team. They like to be more relaxed and informal but maintain energy. 

Demonstrate how your products and services will increase their reputation with others in their business or their clients.

They love to tell a story, this is also a good indication that they are interested in your produces or service so relate back to the story in your sales, it will give them an emotional connection to your products and services. Again, be confident with your price but not forceful.

If they buy, get a firm commitment, contract signed or payment straight away before they change their mind. If it’s something they are buying online, they need an instant payment button or you could lose the sales, this style has been known to change their mind.

The S Preference - the HOW

The S Styles are looking for security and confirmation that your product or services will benefit not just the organisation but the whole team too. They will not want spontaneous change, so be conscious of how you deliver this, with a clear roadmap for the outcome.

Whilst they are also very people focussed, they will communicate with a softer tone, wanting you to return communication showing sincerity and understanding of the people impact your product and services may have.

Demonstrate active listening by asking questions that reflect their whole team.

This style will be more thoughtful in their answering, but when answering with further questions, this is a buying signal but sure to show how your products and service will reduce and conflict. Deliver your price in a softer tone without force, asking if other people need to be involved in the decision making. Allow them to absorb and reflect.

Do not push for an immediate decision but give them the confidence that they can make the decision immediately, given space and time.

The C Preference - the WHY

The C Styles are looking for quality, process and details. No doubt they will have done their research first, so they will need your full explanation of the products or services you offer, to ensure what you offer is correct for their needs.

When you ask a question, allow them to reflect and when they ask you a question, ensure each part is answered fully. If you need to clarify the answer, tell them you will come back to them, do not try to cover it up as you will need to support any statements you make with validation and proof.

Help them to see the benefits from the products and services and with the support of testimonials from previous clients.

Give them time to make their decision, formally and professionally.

The thing to remember is while we are all a blend of styles, one style will be more dominant than the other, so this is the one you need to read and sell too.

And also remember - there is no right or wrong style, these DISC behavioural preferences are about understanding others and adapting. 

You can read more about Victoria O'Farrell and how she uses DISC in her coaching work in our insightful interview, find it here.

Are you interested in unlocking the people puzzle? 

If you are not a TCA student, join our DISC Certification Virtual Workshop and discover this powerful tool that can be applied to business and your personal life. 

DISC is known to help anyone understand other’s behavioural preferences so that you improve your relationships, learn how your team, colleagues, and clients prefer to communicate, and reduce stress in the workplace. 

We're hosting a virtual DISC Certification workshop starting 12th August. Find out more here.



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