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How To Triger a Rock and Roll State

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Anthony Robbins said: “There are no un-resourceful people, just un-resourceful states”. What does it mean? It means that you have always, at all times, the resources within you to face every situation in the best way you can.

Anthony Robbins said: “There are no un-resourceful people, just un-resourceful states”.

What does it mean?

It means that you always have, at all times, the resources within you to face every situation in the best way you can. Can you remember a moment where you acted under your standards? A moment where you'tr feeling down and even brushing your teeth seemed harsh? Can you remember a moment, on the other hand, were you had a great idea? Or a moment where you did something that you thought was impossible for you? What was the difference? It wasn’t another person, it was the state you were in that affected your performances.

If state affect performances, what does affect our state?

Great question! It is the quality of our emotions that effect our state. Our state is the direct result of the emotion we are feeling in any given moment. Managing our emotions, we can affect our state and then manage our life. 

If emotions change the state I’m in and the state I’m in effect my life, how can I change my emotions and my state?

There aree different tools and ways to change our emotional state. Some of them come from ancient spiritual practices while others come from modern technologies and psychologies.

I’m going to share with you what I found most useful and effective for myself after years of experience. I’ve learned most of the process from Anthony Robbins. In his 4 day seminar "Unleash the Power from Within", he conditions the audience to achieve a peak state.

I’m going to brake down this model for you, so you can have immediate results in changing your emotional state.

Are You ready??


First of all you must be aware of the state you are in. Remember, you are not your ytate! You can decide to associate with it if it is a positive and empowering state or dis-associate if it is a negative state. If you say “I’m depressed”, you are associating your identity with a feeling that is not you, and you start believing that is true. If you, on the other hand say: “I feel down”, you are acknowledging that this is just how you feel. Feel your feelings in that moment and be aware of what is the message behind that feeling. Once you have the awareness you can, then, create the change towards the state you desire.


Emotion means “Energy in Motion”. An emotion is energy stored in your body. The body, when moving, changes its energy and changing the energy of the body, you can change the energy of the emotions. Moving your body, changing your breathing, breath deeply, look up and stand up straight. These are all changes that you can make in second. Or even better, go for a run or for light physical activity. Light physical activity is the best way release a stream of serotonin in our body.


Energy flows where the focus goes. When you focus on the negative you are constantly attracting more negative thoughts and negative experiences. You are directing your energy towards that direction and you are telling your subconscious that you want to experience more of that feeling. If you, instead, focus on what is good, positive and what you are grateful for, you're telling your subconscious to search for it and as an end result it will attract more positive experiences. Think about a happy moment, a moment of deep spiritual connection, a loving moment… How do you feel?


“Every word you Speak and every thought you think, create your reality” - Louise Hay. How we speak and what we speak is one of the ways we communicate with our subconscious mind. And, the first person we always communicate with is ourselves. Through our language and our thoughts we are the creator of our own unique experience. Negative and dis-empowering language can effect our life in the direction we don’t want to go. Positive and empowering language drives us in the direction we want.


Simone Vincenzi - Personal Deveelopemnt Coach



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