Coaching is all about asking questions. When you ask the right questions, you can create breakthroughs that provide you with a deeper level of clarity so that you can re-ignite your motivation and take steps to move in the right direction.

If you are feeling stuck, here are 10 questions that you can use to supercharge your motivation:

1. What are the reasons for wanting to achieve my goal?

Take a step back to reflect on what makes your goal important to you. What inspired you? Reminding yourself of what mattered to you when you created the goal can help you to tap back into your motivation. 

2. What small steps do I need to take to move closer to my goal?

If a goal is too big it can sometimes feel overwhelming and minimise your level of motivation.  Breaking your goal into smaller manageable steps can help you to stay focused and boost your motivation with each milestone that is achieved. 

3. What reduces my motivation?

Getting awareness around what slows down your motivation can give you clarity around what you need to change and what actions you can take to make those changes.

4. What obstacles or barriers may I face that will sabotage my motivation?

Evaluating the thoughts, beliefs and behaviours which sabotage your motivation can help you to laser in on any obstacles that could be getting in your way.

5. How can I overcome those obstacles?

Now that you have more clarity on your obstacles or barriers, you can make a plan to determine what you could do to overcome them.

6. What would be the consequences of not being motivated to achieve my goal?

You may be more motivated by the consequences of not achieving something and the negative impact it could have rather than focusing on the benefits and this is a great question to help you define what the consequences could be.

7. What habits can I create to increase my motivation?

Creating new habits and thought patterns can help you to break free from old habits. Identifying what new habits you could create to support your goals could help you to accelerate your progress.

8. What reminders do I need to see to stay motivated?

Having photos or inspirational quotes can help remind you of what it is that you want to achieve. For example, having a photo of yourself on the fridge could act as a reminder to stay motivated with your diet in any moments of weakness so that you can stay on track with your goal. 

9. Who can support me?

Getting a coach can help you to remain accountable to your actions. Having someone to share your successes, ideas or concerns with can help you to maintain your enthusiasm and motivation.

10. How will I reward myself?

Noting down how you will reward yourself for achieving your goal can help you to maintain your motivation as you’ll have something to look forward to.

Asking yourself some of the questions above could help you to get more clarity around what keeps you motivated and help you to form strategies to maintain momentum so that you can race towards the finish line of your goals!

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