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Here it is! Proudly Presenting The Personal Success Academy!

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So here's an exclusive announcement especially for you, our PS Online subscribers!

An exclusive announcement especially for our PS Online subscribers

If you’ve been following our teasers for the past 4 weeks then you will know that we have had an exciting project cooking!

Well … drumroll please …

It’s time to exclusively reveal to you, lovely newsletter subscribers, exactly what the team at The Coaching Academy have been working very hard on over the past 6 months!

Introducing the Personal Success Academy

The Personal Success Academy is an online learning programme that will challenge you to live your best life and take forward steps in your personal development.

It is an online learning programme where each month we will deliver a new module to accelerate your personal success.

Each monthly module is presented by one of our exceptional coaches; hand-picked from the UK’s finest. Their wealth of experience, along with our fully interactive online learning experience will be a voyage of self-discovery for you. It’s like having your own personal coach as you work through each module at your convenience.

“A great concept! The combination of video, text and activities adds value to the package. You do get the sense that the module is ‘talking directly’ to you which is great!” – Hilary Steel

Invest in yourself and your development

Become a founder member and enrol today!

Maximise your personal effectiveness and open up the possibilities of your tomorrow.

There are exciting times ahead for both us and you, so we look forward to welcoming you soon.

“Wow! Great concept, easy to use, love the colours, videos and tools. Straightforward and simple to navigate” – Rupinder Kaur

“It's a great programme really clear in layout and easy to navigate” – Beth Fox


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